Riot Games unveils Icebox changes for VALORANT Episode 8 cover image

Riot Games unveils Icebox changes for VALORANT Episode 8

There’s a lot to unpack with the latest changes. Here’s what’s new in Episode 8’s Icebox update.

Riot Games has announced that Icebox will return to the VALORANT map pool for Episode 8. The developers took to Twitter to showcase all of the changes to the fan-favorite map.

News of Icebox's return to VALORANT first came to light on January 2, when Riot Games revealed the full map pool for Episode 8. They teased a series of changes that had been made to both it and Lotus.

All changes made to Icebox for VALORANT Episode 8

Below you will find a series of images, posted by Riot Games on the VALORANT Twitter page earlier today. There are several changes to the B-site as well as to the middle of the map. There don't seem to be any changes to the A-site.

Mid-Map Changes

To start we see that the attackers' side spawn receives an additional crate in the middle. Agents such as Jett, Chamber, and Omen can now have a much more elevated line of sight. This also simultaneously makes it harder to spot players crossing the map from the Defenders' side.

B-link is also getting the face-lift treatment from Riot Games. However, this time, the developers have decided to raise the low-hanging crate located next to B-Storage. This makes it easier for attacking players to gauge whether a defender has pushed up or not.

B-Tube Interior and B-Tube Exterior Changes

B-Tube has received the most changes compared to the rest of Icebox. From the exterior images, the small underpass that links mid to B-snow is wider. This should make it easier for players to pass to and from B-site.

We can also see a new window between B-Kitchen and B-Tube, which completely changes the mid dynamics. It provides players with a direct line of sight of the defender's side of mid-map. The window also appears to be big enough that players can exit from Tube to Mid-Map in case they need to make a quick getaway.

B-Snow Pile Changes

Last but not least, it appears that B-Snow Pile has been completely redesigned. With the wall extending from B-Kitchen towards the crates in the middle of this narrow passageway. While it does reduce the number of entry points to B-site, at least from Mid-Map and B-Kitchen, it also means that it will be easier to fortify on the defensive side.

These are all of the changes that have been made to Icebox for the VALORANT Episode 8 patch, which will release on January 8.

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