All Lotus changes coming in VALORANT Episode 8 cover image

All Lotus changes coming in VALORANT Episode 8

We’ve heard that Lotus is receiving some significant changes in VALORANT, and now we finally know what those are.

Riot Games confirmed the new map pool for Episode 8. We'll see the removal of Haven alongside the return of Icebox. The latter is coming back with some tweaks, but it is not the only map being updated. There are several changes to Lotus arriving with the next VALORANT Episode.

Patch 8.0 is when the Lotus changes will take place. These changes go into effect on January 8 and bring a fresh look to the three-site map. It is meant to balance its gameplay and keep it more competitive on both sides of the Spike.

The images show the before and after. Firstly, big changes are coming to the A Link location on Lotus in VALORANT. The exterior and interior are both getting a makeover:

  • Exterior A Link receives new boxes for cover as the cubby-like area is now square rather than angled.
  • Interior A Link towards B Site has been widened, expanding the wall that once touched the door.

A Hut and B Site update

Now, we move onto the sites themselves. Lotus is a three-site map in VALORANT, and these changes look to ensure that each site is just as viable for attackers to attack and defenders to defend:

  • A Hut is now a solid and closed structure, but has a U-shape cubby near the back of site for cover.
  • B Site sees its entry point from the attacking side narrowed, with a new corner added and its jump-up boxes pushed back along an expanded wall.

New-look C Site and C Bend

The final Lotus changes coming to VALORANT in Episode 8 are for the C Site. This location is notoriously chaotic, so let's see what fixes have been brought:

  • C Site itself has been moved slightly, with the corner near the defender spawn no longer a valid Spike planting location.
  • C Bend is widened, with a new corner by the entryway of the attacker side, additional boxes for cover by the stairs, and an extended ramp for planting the Spike with a new set of stairs leading up to it.

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