“I feel like it’s their era at the moment,” PRX f0rsakeN on facing Sentinels in Madrid cover image

“I feel like it’s their era at the moment,” PRX f0rsakeN on facing Sentinels in Madrid

Esports.gg spoke with Paper Rex’s f0rsakeN following the team’s victory over LOUD in the Lower Bracket of VCT Masters Madrid.

As we reach the end of VCT Masters Madrid, the competition has become more and more fierce. With new faces guaranteed a podium position at the event, there are still familiar ones ready to win it all, such as Jason "f0rsakeN" Susanto.

He and Paper Rex have managed to hold on throughout Madrid, winning when it matters most. Their recent contest saw them eliminate LOUD and claim a spot in the Lower Final. After besting LOUD, we chatted with f0rsakeN about the series, Monyet's addition to the team, and more.

f0rsakeN discusses Paper Rex's adjustments at Masters Madrid and facing SEN next

(Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)
(Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

"We’ve seen you and Paper Rex feeling on top of the world, and feeling the lowest of the lows. Coming off a win against LOUD here, what does it mean to you, competing at this level and placing well at events so consistently?"

f0rsakeN: "It really means a lot. Even though we have a new member, we have no shaky maps in the pool I would say. Somehow we still did it. We're still here and I really can't believe that we won today. I'm really proud of my team and I hope that we can keep going."

"Hearing from coach alecks, there has been a lot to consider this year. A new cornerstone of the team, role changes, style adjustments, all of that. If Paper Rex is a top three international team without being complete, so to speak, what does the team look like at 100%?"

f0rsakeN: "From my experience, every time we lost or whatever, we improve very fast. When we are 100% complete, I think we'll be very strong."

"I’d like to ask your thoughts on the state of the team then. What has been clicking? What still needs work?"

f0rsakeN: "I think we still need work on the Agent composition, like which one is good on which map, which one is comfortable for the players. Also, I think we need to work on how to read the game well, which is like maybe if there's a trap here, we cancel the plan or whatever. I think we need to work on that.

"And what's been working right? When we are calm, and then it's like we are not going to try to win the match, but we just play for fun. So, I think every time we play for fun and laugh on the stage, I think basically, we'll win the game."

"And what kind of role have you had at all in getting Monyet up to speed?"

f0rsakeN: "So, the first time when Monyet joined, our core's plan was to make him a replacement for Jinggg, right? He's going to play Duelist, and then we just realized in this competition, that Monyet is really good at Controller. So, I'm the flex player. I just fill out whatever changes. I just trust the coach, and then I somehow have to make it work for the team as well. Make a lot of new strategy."

(Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)
(Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

"Obviously, a lot of eyes have been on his performance this year already. What can you tell me about how he’s taken that outside criticism and how he’s improving?"

f0rsakeN: "He got a lot of criticism by the haters because of his performance, but at the same time, I said in some interviews, when we lose, we will improve fast. So, Monyet now, I think this time he is very confident because of the experience that he had.

"Now, we have a lot of losses, but also at the same time we try to convince him how to play better. How to build a strong mentality, so that when we're in the match, he will be prepared, and we also will be prepared."

"Let’s talk about the match against LOUD now. Ascent was a slugfest. What kind of adjustments did the team make, to stop their streak of rounds, and get your own going for the win?"

f0rsakeN: "Before LOUD, we were kind of rushing, we always rush and blah blah blah. But I think against LOUD, our adjustments when we know the setup, is we adjust very fast on how they're going to rotate. For example, when we take A, they will rotate A, but we just play as calm as possible. So, we played really slow at that moment."

"Okay, and Sunset, a ton of Thrifty rounds to start. Was it frustrating that so many of those happened, and you couldn’t win the buy rounds against LOUD?"

f0rsakeN: "Definitely. We Thriftied them but somehow the next round we got Thriftied back, because of their aim. I was kind of frustrated a bit, but at the same time, after that first round, we started to play the game more seriously and more as a team, you know?"

(Photo by Adela Sznajder/Riot Games)
(Photo by Adela Sznajder/Riot Games)

"Then perhaps the biggest round of the map was a huge 1v4 clutch by mindfreak. That got you guys to double digits and stopped LOUD’s momentum. What were the comms like during and after that play?"

f0rsakeN: "During it, we were just quiet, because he needed to focus to clutch. Then after the clutch, we all knew we had the momentum back. If we lost that round, we might get a comeback by LOUD. So yeah, at the moment I think we just made Aaron (mindfreak) focus, then he somehow he clutched."

"The only thing in your way to make the Grand Final now is Sentinels. But before I ask you about them, there’s a great chance the Pacific region brings home its first international VALORANT trophy. What kind of impact would that make on the region, heading into Stage 1, if you or Gen.G win Masters Madrid?"

f0rsakeN: "I think it really impacts it a lot, because we're always second in every tournament of the VCT. But now, I think the underdog is coming one by one. It's like you can't expect anything, you know? It's really good if somehow we make after tomorrow, so it can be Pacific versus Pacific. It's going to be great, I think for the world. And then maybe all the haters or the people that always underestimate Pacific, they will be quiet."

(Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)
(Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

"Well, as I said, you’ve got Sentinels next. This is a team you’ve avoided this tournament so far, but got some experience in the off-season. Since those off-season games against Sentinels, how do you think both of the teams have evolved?"

f0rsakeN: "When I saw how they play, Sentinels, it's a bit similar, like us, to be honest. They copy stuff also and I think playing against them in the last tournament, I feel like it's their era at the moment. And this time, too, I think they play really well even though they lost to Gen.G. I think they still play really well and I hope that we can break the Sentinels era."

"And what’s it going to take for Paper Rex to win, and make it an all-Pacific Grand Final?"

f0rsakeN: "I think we just have to play like today, because I feel like today, we were more calm. Against Sentinels, we just go all in. We do everything we can, because we know that we are also not in good shape. So, we just trust each other tomorrow."

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