The next Valorant Agent has been confirmed by Riot Games. He is a Controller Agent and goes by the name of Harbor.

Riot Games has been teasing the next Valorant Agent for nearly a month now. It all started with the sign off of the September 2022 State of the Agents. Several words with a water theme were used and the final line read, "Jald hi milte hain." This translates to, "See you soon," from Hindi to English. Well, the next Valorant Agent, known as Harbor, will certainly see players soon.

Weeks of teases have led to the official announcement of Harbor, the next Controller Agent in Valorant

In-game Easter eggs and social media posts pointed to the eventual reveal. The official Valorant Twitter account shared the aforementioned quote to further spark interest in the upcoming Agent.

A short video showcased a livestream from within the Valorant universe. It focuses on a woman at a table in the outside seating area of a restaurant. A glass of water begins to tremble and the water starts to flow upward from it. A motorcycle then speeds by, causing further tremors and confusion to the patrons.

The final Harbor tease came just hours before the reveal. A motorcycle rides by with a closeup on a device that emerges from the vehicle and activates before the video loops back to the beginning.

What to expect from Harbor

Riot games has not confirmed much about the next Valorant Agent, but some ideas can be gathered from the official reveal image and teasers. The Indian character will almost certainly be able to manipulate water. He'll use that to protect his team by creating visual and spatial issues for the opposition.

A wall of water appears in the reveal. This could be used similarly to Viper's Toxic Screen. Next to that is a bubble that may prevent bullet penetration. The small ripples in the image are the indicators for that. Everything else is up in the air outside of leaks, so just hang on tight until Riot Games reveals the complete ability list for Harbor.

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