The main takeaway from coaches, players, and fans in the VCT Masters Copenhagen group stages was Guild’s 18-year-old Initiator phenom Leo.

In a press conference with KRU after the loss, Nicolas “Klaus” Ferrari blurted out Leo as soon as the conversation of group stage MVP came up. Coined as “The Group of Death,” Guild swooped in and stole the narrative from the former finalists LOUD and OpTic. Moreover, phenom Leo” Leo” Jannesson stood above the fierce competition and dominated at his first LAN event. 

“It feels great proving people wrong. We know how good we are and I’m glad we showed it. These teams are really good. Both these teams have been to several LANs but they were the same level as the people we play back at home.”

Guild Leo

In terms of stats, Leo is in the top five of every major statistic and leads the event with a 1.56 KD. The retake and post-plant utility usage from Leo ruined OpTic’s Icebox Attack and kept KRU’s playmakers Angelo “keznit” Mori and Roberto “Mazino” Rivas contained for large portions of the series.

Leo Stats

  • Agents:
  • Rounds: 129
  • ACS: 248.8 (5th)
  • KD: 1.56 (1st)
  • KAST: 83% (2nd)
  • KPR: 0.95 (2nd)
  • APR: 0.27 (20th)

The 18-year-old talent talked with us about his experience at Copenhagen so far. He spoke on winning the group of death and address the best Initator conversation.

What an insane series (KRU vs Guild). We got another great decider map on Split at Masters. Take me through the emotions on that stage? Any nerves for your first LAN?

Leo: I think I was more nervous yesterday if I’m being honest. I don’t know why. But, It feels great. Instead of playing at home, seeing the enemies, and playing with your teammates all in the same place, it’s honestly a great feeling and hopefully, we continue doing it for some years

Guild wins the group of death, beating the reigning champs in the process. How does it feel to win where everyone was doubting you? 

Leo: It feels great proving people wrong. We know how good we are and I’m glad we showed it. These teams are really good. Both these teams have been to several LANs but they were the same level as the people we play back at home

Guild has played three OT maps in two games and beat OpTic with a minuscule +4 round differential. How do you feel you and your teammates respond to these high-pressure moments?

Leo: I think we’re doing good. We won two of the overtimes. We’re coming up with different ideas. We’re showing that we’re not afraid to make mistakes in those situations and that’s probably why we’re winning

 (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)
You picked Icebox against OpTic and banned Fracture. Today, you brought out the Fracture. Is that based on studying KRU or more on playing to your team’s strengths?

Leo:  I think it’s a bit of both. We know we are a good Fracture team and I mean, OpTic’s probably one of the best. We had the best vetoes in both games. It worked out in both. We knew how they played [KRU]. It was a completely different play style to OpTic. I think it took some time before we adapted fully, but on Fracture, we were completely ready. Our map pick. On Bind, I think we should’ve won if I’m honest. Icebox we won both pistols. That’s the reason why it was in overtime. I think they were playing better than us on that map, but it’s a completely different playstyle from yesterday but I’m glad we could adapt and win it

One of the main talking points at Copenhagen has been the best Initiator conversation. Do you see yourself in the discussion for the best Initiator? What did you think about XSET BcJ’s comment? 

Leo: I know what I provide to the team. I don’t really care about what he’s saying. I play my role for the team and that’s the most important 

Last question, your head coach Barbar shows a ton of passion and emotion on stage. Does he help energize the team? 

Yeah, I love it, I love it when he shows a lot of passion. It’s funny, you know? But it’s everything. He’s been through a lot throughout his career and he’s providing the experience to us.”

(Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

Guild will face Singapore’s Paper Rex in the first round of the 2022 VCT Masters Copenhagen playoffs

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