G2 Gozen bulldoze through Game Changers EMEA Series; accrue enough points for Champs cover image

G2 Gozen bulldoze through Game Changers EMEA Series; accrue enough points for Champs


The team went unbeaten throughout Series 2, crushing Guild X 3-0 in the Grand Finals.

G2 Gozen made an unbeaten run through the EMEA Game Changers to secure its spot in the Game Changers Champions in Berlin. The team took down Guild X 3-0 in the Grand Finals to complete its dominant run. 
The team had a dominant run through the Series 2 tournament, very similar to its form throughout the year. In fact, G2 Gozen has not lost a single series since coming together in October 2021.
With some of the best former CS: GO players on its roster, the women’s team is definitely one of the favorites to win VCT Game Changers Champs later this year. 
With this victory, G2 Gozen has secured enough points to secure its VCT Game Changers Champs slot  in Berlin. There were two ways for G2 Gozen to possibly secure an invitation to the VCT Champs Game Changers - via acquiring enough points or winning the EMEA Series 3 tournament. 
With their Series 2 victory, G2 Gozen now has 140 circuit points with GuildX coming in second at 120.
VCT Game Changers Champs will take place over 6 days from November 15-20. It features eight teams including 2 NA teams, 2 EMEA teams, 1 Brazil, 1 LATAM, 1 East Asia and the final team from APAC. 
Having won Series #1 and #2, Juliano and co. will now be looking towards the achievement of winning all three series this season. They are currently competing in the Game Changers Series 3 where their next match is against NAVI Celestials on October 1. 

Game Changers Series 2 Final placements

VCT Points
G2 Gozen
Guild X
Rix.GG Lightning
Futbolist Female
SuperMassive Blaze Female
Case Hydra
The final VCT Gamer Changers Series 2 placements.

Anticipation builds for cross continent rivalry

Valorant fans are now eagerly waiting to see a potential matchup between two of the best women's Valorant teams in the world. G2 Gozen has dominated the EMEA scene and so has Cloud9 White. Just like G2 Gozen, Cloud9 White has also dominated the NA scene, winning both Game Changers series. The team has all but secured its presence at VCT Game Changers Champs - a potential match-up would be a clash of titans.
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