Months after posting an LFT and one roster change later, Sapphire are now FS Sapphire, and they’re looking to rule APAC Game Changers again.

Finally, APAC's sole representatives at the international Game Changers Championship who went by just Sapphire after they parted ways with X10 have found a new home. Thai organization FULL SENSE has signed them after several months of free agency, about two months ahead of VCT APAC Game Changers Open 2.

FS Sapphire: who are they?

The team, originally titled MAD Army, finished second in FSL Elite, 2021's capstone event for Game Changers in APAC, just behind Alter Ego Celeste. This was a result that would haunt the team for the next year as well. In 2022, the roster was still largely the same, though they had one new player join - alyssa - instead of anko.

The team immediately started off as a strong contender, placing second in VCT Game Changers APAC Open 1 and Open 3 after losses to Alter Ego Celeste. They also finished fourth in Open 2, and shockingly, failed to make it to the playoffs of Open 4. This prevented them from qualifying for VCT APAC Elite 2022 off of circuit points and instead, they were forced to qualify through the LCQ. Despite this, this year already had a marked change - they had been able to push Alter Ego Celeste into the lower bracket for the first time in APAC Game Changers history.

In the LCQ, they did not drop a single map or series, a testament to the form they were trying to build up for the Herculean task ahead of them. And in Elite, the pinnacle event of the year, where the winner went to represent APAC at the international Game Changer Championship in Berlin, everything was on the line.

X10 Sapphire started off strong though, continuing their win streak over teams like Bren Victress and SMG. They faced up against AECL in the upper final and defeated them in a close three-map series. The grand final was a rematch of this, and over 5 tenuous, competitive maps, X10 Sapphire finally defeated their biggest rival, when it mattered the most.

X10 Sapphire at the Game Changers Championship

The first-ever international LAN tournament for VALORANT Game Changers was a historic event. Eight teams from six different regions around the world came to participate. X10 Sapphire, in their opening game, were trounced by G2 Gozen, the tournament's eventual winner. However, the team stayed alive in the lower bracket with a victory over KRÜ BLAZE.

X10 Sapphire celebrates after defeating KRU BLAZE. (Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games)
X10 Sapphire celebrates after defeating KRU BLAZE. (Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games)

In their second lower round, they went up against Shopify Rebellion, the other finalist of the event, and were eliminated. X10 Sapphire placed top six in their first international LAN. A good performance. However, their international debut would also be followed by a huge change: the team being orgless.

Sapphire after the Game Changer Championship

It's been several months of uncertainty for the ladies of ex-X10 Sapphire. After the inaugural Game Changers Championship ended last year, X10 let the team go under free agency.

The team's captain and IGL, Sarindhorn "JinNy" Wanothayarnchai announced that the players would be sticking together and were looking for offers.

However, by the time 2023's Game Changer season began, the players played under Sapphire as free agents, but with one roster change - Dhammamitta "margeaux" Marvella, who had previously played for Alter Ego Celeste and BIGG SCYTHE had joined the squad.

They've been through a lot together, but a new road lies ahead with FS. (Photo by Riot Games.)
They've been through a lot together, but a new road lies ahead with FS. (Photo by Riot Games.)

The team placed in the top six of the event, which saw several upsets. Now, however, FULL SENSE has signed the roster and they have that additional support. With the remarkable perseverance the players have showcased time and time again, FS Sapphire might very well repeat their feat from last year, though in 2023, the competition is certainly spicier.