Keep your eyes here for live results of the very first Valorant Game Changers Championship.

The final official VCT tournament of 2022 is here. The Valorant Game Changers Championship is taking place in Berlin, Germany. The LAN event features eight teams from a variety of regions battling for the first-ever international Game Changers trophy.

As the tournament progresses, you can check here for score updates to see who is making a name for themselves at the inaugural GC Championship.

Teams battling for the first Game Changers trophy

The teams and players at the event are as follows:

Cloud9 WhitealexisJazzyk1nskatsumimeLBob
Shopify RebellionflowerfulsonderKPLorribENITA
Team Liquidnaxydrnbstrdddaikinat1
KRÜ Esportskalitaconirromiconsubaesht
Guild XklaudiaSmurfetteroxiaNNjaness
G2 GozenjulianoPetramimiGlanceMary
X10 SapphirebabytzpolyAlyssaJinNyMuffyn

Valorant Game Changers Championship results

You can follow along with the results here. Then catch the matches you may have missed as a VOD on the official Valorant Twitch channel.

Day 1 results

G2 Gozen celebrates on stage after defeating Cloud9 White on Day 1 of the Valorant Game Changers Championship in Berlin.
Day 1 was the G2 Gozen show (Photo by Wojciech Wandzel/Riot Games)

G2 Gozen wasted no time proving they are a favorite to win it all. In what has been dubbed the ‘House of Gozen,’ fans from Berlin showered them with cheers on their way to a two-victory Day 1. This netted them a spot in the Upper Final and a Top 3 placement.

RoundMatchMap CountMap 1Map 2Map 3
Upper QuarterfinalsCloud9 White vs. KRÜ Esports2:0Ascent 13:4Haven 13:5 N/A
Upper QuarterfinalsG2 Gozen vs. X10 Sapphire2:0Icebox 13:4Breeze 13:7N/A
Upper SemifinalsCloud9 White vs. G2 Gozen1:2Ascent 13:7Breeze 6:13Pearl 3:13

Day 2 results

Shopify Rebellion and Team Liquid both emerged victorious after going three maps against their respective opponents. They were scheduled to face off in the final match of Day 2, but Riot Games announced that local restrictions will see it postponed until Day 3.

RoundMatchMap CountMap 1Map 2Map 3
Upper QuarterfinalsGuild X vs. Shopify Rebellion1:2Pearl 14:16Haven 13:11Icebox 4:13
Upper QuarterfinalsFENNEL Hotelava vs. Team Liquid1:2Ascent 4:13Icebox 13:8Breeze 9:13

Day 3 results

RoundMatchMap CountMap 1Map 2Map 3
Upper SemifinalsShopify Rebellion vs. Team Liquid1:2Fracture 13:10Bind 12:14Icebox 6:13
Lower Round 1KRÜ Esports vs. X10 Sapphire1:2Breeze 13:9Haven 6:13Fracture 7:13
Lower Round 1Guild X vs. FENNEL Hotelava2:0Pearl 13:3Haven 13:5N/A

Day 4 results

RoundMatchMap CountMap 1Map 2Map 3
Lower Round 2Shopify Rebellion vs. X10 Sapphire2:0Haven 16-14Pearl 13:6N/A
Lower Round 2Cloud9 White vs. Guild X1:0Fracture 13:3Haven 13:6N/A
Upper FinalG2 Gozen vs. Team Liquid2:0Ascent 14:12Breeze 13:10N/AZ

Day 5 results

RoundMatchMap CountMap 1Map 2Map 3
Lower Round 3Cloud9 vs. Shopify Rebellion1:2Fracture 14:12Haven 9:13Icebox 9:13
Lower FinalTeam Liquid vs. Shopify Rebellion0:2Fracture 9:13Icebox 13:5N/A

Day 6 results

RoundMatchMap CountMap 1Map 2Map 3Map 4Map 5
Grand FinalG2 Gozen vs. Shopify Rebellion3:2Pearl 9:13Bind 9:13Ascent 13:3Icebox 13:2Breeze 13:5

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