Everything we know about the new VALORANT map “Sunset” cover image

Everything we know about the new VALORANT map “Sunset”

What sort of wonders can we expect to see on the new Sunset map coming to VALORANT?

"Sunset" is the new map that will be added to VALORANT in Episode 7 Act 2. Below we've broken down a collection of everything we know about the newest addition to the map pool. Please note that this will be a collection of confirmed and rumored information pertaining to Sunset. So, we will be sure to keep you all updated as more comes out about the map!

Everything we know about Sunset so far:

Sunset will be the latest map to make it's way into VALORANT and the sixth map to be added into the game post-launch; excluding the Team Deathmatch maps released in June 2023. According to the VALORANT Esports website, Sunset will be officially unveiled prior to the start of the VCT Champions 2023 Grand Finals in Los Angeles; which will be taking place on August 26 at 12 pm PST/3 pm EST.

We believe that Sunset will be brought into the game in the Episode 7 Act 2 update. Especially in light of the recent announcement that Fracture and Pearl will be taken out of the main map rotation; with Breeze set to be making it's return to the rotation following some major changes to the map.

Not a whole lot of information has been divulged about Sunset since the initial announcement was made. We do know from a series of tweets by ValorLeaks, and by VALORANT themselves, that they will be dropping some teaser information in the buildup to Sunset's release. As has been the case with past Agent and Map releases.

The first bit of intel we have gotten thus far came in the form of a ten second cinematic posted to the VALORANT Twitter. Judging by the transmission that went along with the above cinematic the map appears to negatively affect Gekko's abilities. Which could indicate a potential gimmick for the Sunset. We will be sure to keep you updated as soon as we learn more information about the map.

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