VALORANT introduces a brand-new progression system, which includes a new way to unlock agents.

VALORANT will see a few changes when Episode 7 launches on June 27 with a brand-new progression system. Gone are the days of grinding for hours to unlock a single-agent contract. The new system will see a complete rework of daily missions, agent unlocks along with a new in-game currency. Here is everything you need to know about VALORANT's new progression system.

When does the new VALORANT progression system launch?

If all goes according to plan the new progression system will hit the live servers for the launch of Episode 7 Act 1. Episode 7 will officially be coming to VALORANT on June 27. If you are currently in the middle of unlocking an agent's contract, you better do it fast because the new system kicks in and will not show kindness to players looking to grab that one final agent contract.

VALORANT's Daily Rewards have been reworked

The daily rewards system in VALORANT has been reworked. Image courtesy of Riot Games
The daily rewards system in VALORANT has been reworked. Image courtesy of Riot Games

Along with the new progression system, the daily rewards in VALORANT have been given a much-needed rework. Now called "Dailies", players will now grind through daily milestones, which are called checkpoints. The cool thing about these checkpoints is that they carry over across all modes. So whether you are looking to get to Gold in ranked, or having fun in the new Team Deathmatch mode, the Dailies have got you covered.

If you are a player who simply does not have the time to play each day, do not fear, Dailies offer catch-up bonuses. Players who complete a checkpoint receive 1000 XP, along with 150 Kingdom Credits - read below for more information on the new VALORANT in-game currency.

How do Dailies work in VALORANT Episode 7 Act 1?

As seen in the image in the section above, players will have four checkpoints (diamonds) and within those individual diamonds will be four charges (each side of the diamond). This means in total there will be sixteen checkpoints each day. The number of charges earned for each game will vary depending on the mode you are playing.

Dailies will reset every 24 hours which is the case for the current daily rewards system. Each checkpoint completion will grant bonus XP towards the following:

  • Battle Pass
  • Event Pass
  • Agent Recruitment Event

Kingdom Credits - VALORANT's new Free in-game currency

VALORANT has introduced a new free in-game currency called Kingdom Credits. Similar to how Blue Essence is used in League of Legends, this currency builds up over time as you complete games, Dailies, and more. Riot has confirmed there is a Kingdom Credits cap of 10,000 so spend them when you have them. To get players started, Riot will be granting players 5000 Kingdom Credits.

Here is everything you can purchase with Kingdom Credits in VALORANT:

  • Agents from the Agent Store
  • Agent Gear
  • Previous Battle Pass Accessories

VALORANT's new Agents and Gear system

Riot has completely revamped the agent's section in the VALORANT client. The Agents Contracts, which saw players grind through a multi-level pass is now split into three sections; Agent Recruitment Events, Agent Store, and Agent Gear.

The Agent Recruitment Events is to help players unlock the newest agents upon their release. The Agent Store is for players to purchase agents using their own money or Kingdom Credits. Agents will cost 1000 VALORANT points or 8000 Kingdom Credits. The Agent Gear section allows players to purchase Agent Gear which was previously unlocked in the latter tiers of the Agent's contract via Kingdom Credits.

What are Agent Recruitment Events?

Agent Recruitment Events are the new way to unlock the latest agent in VALORANT. Image courtesy of Riot Games
Agent Recruitment Events are the new way to unlock the latest agent in VALORANT. Image courtesy of Riot Games

Agent Recruitment Events automatically activate the day a new agent is released in VALORANT. These events stay active for 28 days, giving players more than enough to unlock them. According to Riot, the time it takes to unlock a new agent through these events takes a similar amount of time to the previous agent contract system. Kingdom Credits will be earned throughout your event progress as well as XP.

How can I unlock Agent Gear in VALORANT?

In the previous system in VALORANT, players could earn unique agent items, such as Gekko's Shorty or Fade's Player Card - these could be obtained through the agent contract system. Now, players can purchase these items using Kingdom Credits. Here is how you purchase Agent Gear in VALORANT:

  1. In the VALORANT main menu, select the Agents tab
  2. Scroll over to the Agent you wish to buy Gear from
  3. Select "View Gear"
  4. Select the tier you wish to purchase using Kingdom Credits

How can I purchase Agents in VALORANT Episode 7 Act 1

Agents can now be purchased via the Agent Store. Image courtesy of Riot Games
Agents can now be purchased via the Agent Store. Image courtesy of Riot Games

Gone of the days of earning thousands of XP to unlock a new agent. Similarly to League of Legends, Riot has now implemented its own Agent Store into VALORANT. Using Kindom Credits, players can now purchase the agents using the new in-game currency. At the time of writing this article, each agent will cost players 8000 Kingdom Credits. Here is how you can purchase an Agent in the new Agent Store:

  1. In the main menu, select the VALORANT Store
  2. In the store select the Agents tab
  3. Scroll down to the agent you wish to purchase
  4. Purchase agent using Kingdom Credits

Previous VALORANT Battle Pass items available in new Accessory Store

Riot Games has produced many great Battle Pass items across the history of the game. And sometimes, players simply do not have enough time to grind the levels to acquire all of the items. In Episode 7, players will now have access to the Accessory Store.

This new store will allow players to purchase items from previous Battle Passes. The items that appear will be different each store cycle. No gun or knife skins will be available in this store. Players can purchase Accessory store items using Kingdom Credits.

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