Every VCT 2023 trophy lift, ranked cover image

Every VCT 2023 trophy lift, ranked

Join us as 2023 comes to an end and we rank the VCT trophy lifts across international competition and the game’s various leagues.

The year is ending and another season of VCT competition is upon in. In 2023, we saw upsets, miracle runs, and VCT trophy lifts galore. There will be plenty of trophy lifts to see in 2024, but before that, let us look back on those of 2023.

We'll look at all international and league victories. This includes Game Changers. So, follow us on a trip down memory lane as we look back at the wins and rank the trophy lifting ceremonies that took place in the 2023 VALORANT Champions Tour.

Ranking the 2023 VCT international and league trophy lifts

7) Team Liquid wins the EMEA league

After an incredible start to the year at VCT LOCK//IN, which we'll touch on later, everyone figured FNATIC would dominate the EMEA league. Team Liquid had other plans, however.

We start our ranking with Team Liquid hoisting the EMEA league trophy. It's unfortunate that the rest of their year did not see as much success.

6) LOUD takes Americas

Questions shrouded LOUD as they entered 2023. The previous year was their time to shine with a victory at Champions, but with a couple of new members, how would they perform in the league?

Well, they came in second at LOCK//IN and made Top 4 at Champions 2023. It was the Americas league that gave them another trophy, though, in a somewhat surprising sweep of NRG.

5) Paper Rex finally dethrones DRX

This trophy lift was special for a few reasons. One, it signified Paper Rex finally getting over the hump that is DRX. Winning the Pacific League was just the start.

This was followed by third place in Tokyo and second at Champions. Them lifting the VCT Pacific league trophy was just a glimpse into the remainder of their 2023.

4) FNATIC survives LOCK//IN

VCT LOCK//IN was a unique tournament. Every team, including some from China, battled in a single elimination format to kick off the year.

FNATIC prevented a reverse sweep by hometown team LOUD. It was Jake "Boaster" Howlett and company's first VALORANT trophy, and the emotion was real.

3) Evil Geniuses completes their run

Ending the 2023 VALORANT Champions Tour was Evil Geniuses. A wild ride for them saw a newcomer take the spotlight, unbelievable circumstances take them to the post-season, and then utter dominance once they got rolling.

Little did we know, the championship team would be no more after this tournament. In hindsight, this was one of the better runs we've seen in the VCT. It is a shame that we won't get to see all five of them stand tall and lift a trophy together again in 2024.

2) Shopify Rebellion lifts the trophy without meL

Game Changers 2023 was amazing. The competition was fierce and the storylines were unbeatable. Taking place in Brazil, the Grand Final saw Shopify Rebellion versus crowd favorites Team Liquid.

A positive COVID test had Melanie "meL" Capone play remotely unfortunately. Her team took it home, but she wasn't able to lift the trophy with them. It was bittersweet, but the outpouring of love from the community made it much less somber.

1) Boaster throws it back in Tokyo

Of course this was going to be the first place VCT trophy lift in our rankings. FNATIC winning Masters Tokyo gave them the first ever back-to-back international LAN victories in the esport.

Just as they did in LOCK//IN, FNATIC was emotional after their victory. The Japanese fans loved them, so Boaster treated them to a show by shaking his rump as the fireworks went off, the crowd erupted, and the trophy was raised. That's for sure one for the highlight reel.

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