“I think it is a pretty easy group,” EG Boostio on making it through Group B at VALORANT Champions 2023 cover image

“I think it is a pretty easy group,” EG Boostio on making it through Group B at VALORANT Champions 2023

In a pre-event press conference, EG’s’ Boostio plainly states how easy he believes his team’s group is at VALORANT Champions 2023.

VALORANT Champions 2023 starts with a Group Stage. All 16 teams were divided into four groups, where the top two teams from each move on to the Playoff Bracket. The randomization of the groups have certainly made some look less treacherous than others, especially if you ask Kelden "Boostio" Pupello.

In a pre-event press conference, we asked for his thoughts on the other teams in Group B. Evil Geniuses needs to make it through a mix of FunPlus Phoenix, FUT Esports, and T1. And Boostio thinks it will be an easy task for EG.

Boostio and EG really like their odds in Group B at VALORANT Champions 2023

(Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)
(Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

Evil Geniuses has had quite the year. From a longshot team to one of the best in VCT Americas, expectations are fairly high. No one expected them to turn things around, but here they are, at Champions after a 2nd Place finish at Masters Tokyo.

That, and the random group assignments for VALORANT Champions 2023, has Boostio and company fairly certain they'll make it through the Group Stage without a hiccup. The pre-event confidence is definitely high.

"You probably know better than anyone that any team can get hot and make a run in VALORANT. But with many labelling your group as a potential walk in the park for EG, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the likes of FPX, FUT Esports, and T1."

Boostio: "I do think we really like our group. I think it is a pretty easy group. Any team can go on a run, you know, it's VALORANT. Any team can win. But if you look at the overall groups, our group, I think is definitely the easiest. Or one of the easiest. I'm very happy about it."

Of course, one other team has to make it out of the group. Who knows what the other teams will bring to the table? Evil Geniuses and Boostio could be on the opposite end of an underdog story if they don't bring the same tenacity they have shown in recent months.

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