DRX takes on 100 Thieves later today with the winning progressing as the number one seed in this group.

DRX is a team stacked with incredible players, at times this roster has put up monstrous numbers against the best teams in the world. On other occasions, they have fallen short of their ceiling. Despite a rocky start to Ascent, DRX made light work of Brazilian side Furia on their favored map Haven.

History almost repeated itself for the Korean side on Ascent. At Champions 2021, DRX almost surmounted an 11-1 deficit in the opening half against Cloud9. While they did not get the job done on that occasion, DRX fought back against a Furia side that was on map point.

DRX will now take on North American side 100 Thieves in the Group Stage winners final. If they are to win this series, they will progress to the Champions playoffs for the first time. DRX found themselves in an almost identical group in 2021, they share a group with Fnatic, a team from NA and this time a Brazilian side.

Following their 2-0 victory over Furia, DRX Stax got the opportunity to speak to the media in a post-series scrum.

“We won with a great comeback and I was very excited. Usually, vamos is a word that I use very often, it came out very naturally.”

DRX Stax on shouting vamos after Furia win

Q: Hi Stax congrats on your win. You guys had an amazing comeback. And after the first map, we all heard you shouting Vamos after winning. Was that something you had planned or was that just in the moment?

DRX Stax: So I think it came out very naturally. We won with a great comeback and I was very excited. Usually, Vamos is a word that I use very often, it came out very naturally.

Q: Hi Stax, you guys have always been successful in the opening series, never dropping a mad. What caused the slow start on this occasion and how did you turn it around?

DRX Stax: I think we played quite poorly at the beginning of the map. But I do also want to give credit to Furia for playing very well on the defence. I think midway through the map like you saw, we kind of mentally were ready to give up the map.

We were just ready to move on to map two and map three and then take those maps. But I think that maybe that mentality changes what sort of pushed us over and allowed us to win without a big burden or feeling the pressure.

Q: Hey Stax congratulations on the win, who would you rather face in the next round, 100 Thieves or Fnatic and also why did you say Vamos at the end?

DRX Stax: Alright, so to answer your second question first. Vamos is a word that I started to pick up because I enjoyed watching a lot of the Brazilian and Latin American teams play not only Valorant, but also other some FPS games. So that’s where I picked it up.

And to answer your first question, it’s I would definitely prefer to play 100 Thieves because we haven’t had a chance to play them before. And we’d like to, you know, measure ourselves up against an NA team to see how we do.

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