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Valorant Patch 4.11 introduces Clutch Mute to silence your teammates

Here’s how to use the new feature and why it’s an improvement for Valorant.

Have you ever been in a 1v3 situation and your dead teammates are backseat gaming you? Advising you on how to shoot, how to move, where to move? Riot Games has the perfect answer for you - Clutch Mute. Valorant patch 4.11 introduces Clutch Mute as a new feature that will help you in these tense situations and give you one less excuse for your failure. 

How to enable Clutch Mute in Valorant?

  • Go to Settings in-game (Esc) > Controls > Communication
  • Assign keybinds for Party and team Voice Clutch Mute Keys
  • The set button will toggle ‘ON’ to mute your party members or teammates. You can press the button again to Toggle if ‘OFF’
  • An icon will appear in-game as an indicator

The clutch mute button will be a massive update for players who are often distracted by their teammates or party members who like to advise from the dead. The toggle abilitiy is even better as it allows you the freedom to toggle it when you desire. 

Why is the toggle button important? At the highest levels of the game (and frankly across ranks), people often voice the opponent's last known position. If the game would immediately mute teammates, then this vital piece of information would be lost in comms. Instead, now you can toggle after receiving the information and then use your brains to play out the clutch. Maybe one day, you will be as good as Hiko in clutch situations.

A lot of Bux Fixes

The update also introduces several other bug fixes including crucial ones to Yoru’s toolkit. Yoru is one of the more popular agents in Valorant and Riot Games devs say they are keeping a close eye on how the playerbase utilizes Yoru.

Some of you creative types continue to find new ways to trigger variants of this bug since the last few patches. Fixing these loopholes is intended to improve systems that are used by all abilities in the game. Because of this (in addition to the bad experience of getting shot by invisible Yoru), we are keeping a close eye on the results of these changes.

Riot Games.

You can check out all details of the latest updates on Riot's official blog.

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