Valorant Championship Tour (VCT) Masters Reykjavik will no longer feature Breeze in the map pool rotation. Riot Games walked back on its decision after consulting with pro players and decided that four weeks was just too little time for a new map on LAN.

In a surprise twist of events, Riot Games has confirmed Breeze will not be a part of VCT Masters Reykjavik. The game developer decided to remove the map after conferring with pro players across the world.

Riot Games removes Breeze from VCT Masters Reykjavik rotation

Riot Games released Breeze as part of the 2.08 gameplay update. Image Credit: Valorant /Riot Games.
Riot Games released Breeze as part of the 2.08 gameplay update. Image Credit: Valorant /Riot Games.

Valorant introduced a new map, Breeze, with the 2.08 update in April. The map has been well-received by the player base so far. However, pro players feel it is not ready for competitive play just yet. Riot Games had earlier announced that Breeze would be a part of the VCT Masters Reykjavik map rotation. However, after intense discussions with players and other stakeholders, the game developer has taken a step back.

Considering the overlap with Challenger Playoffs and travel to Iceland, 4 weeks is not enough time to practice a new map.

Players need time to practice on a new map which allows them to develop new strategies and learn certain lineups. With just four weeks between tournaments that includes travel time Iceland, the players felt it was too little time to be fully prepared. 

The game developer has received a lot of praise for its consistent feedback loop from the community. With regular developer updates and feedback from the community, Riot Games has been able to take several challenges with ease. Recently the company announced a privacy policy change that will allow it to record Valorant voice communications in order to take toxicity. While pervasive, this method is foolproof and has a high chance of success. 

The VCT Masters Reykjavik is the first International Valorant Lan event. It takes place from May 24-30, 2021 with the top ten teams from across the world.

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