Learn how to equip and use Emotes and Sprays in The First Descendant. We’ve also broken down which Emotes are Battle Pass exclusives.

If you're wondering how to Emote in the First Descendant, or equip Emotes and Sprays we have the answers.

There are currently 14 base Emotes in The First Descendant and five Sprays, all of which you can get automatically and do not need to be unlocked. Two additional Emotes were given as Open Beta Rewards, and five were included in the Pre-Season Battle Pass which you need to buy with real currency.

How to equip an Emote or Spray in The First Descendant

  1. Open your Inventory (I) then Click the Customization Tab
  2. Select Emotes
  3. Click the Emote or Spray you wish to equip
  4. Click the Chat Wheel Spot you want to assign it to
Play Congas is a Level 8 Reward in the Pre-Season Battle Pass
Play Congas is a Level 8 Reward in the Pre-Season Battle Pass

How to Emote in The First Descendant?

To perform an emote on PC press and hold L to select an emote from your Emote Wheel. Surprisingly the key bind for Emotes is not listed in the settings menu on the PC version of The First Descendant. Sprays can also be used via the same Emote Wheel.

You can equip up to 8 Emotes or Sprays at any one time. Sprays are rather underwhelming so far, and you can not place them on walls or objects, only the floor in front of you.

All Standard Emotes

Salute Emote The First Descendant

Salute Emote

Deep Bow Emote
listen Emote in The First Descendant

Listen Emote
thumbs up  Emote in The First Descendant

This is the best!!! Emote
cheering emote

Cheering Emote
nod emote

Nod Emote
frustrated emote

Frustrated Emote
joyful clap emote

Joyful Clap Emote
angry emote

Angry Emote
firearm cleaning emote

Firearm Cleaning Emote
sit emote

Sit Emote
this way emote

This Way Emote
decline emote

Decline Emote
greeting emote

Greeting Emote
All free Standard Emotes in The First Descendant

Beta Emotes

There are also two Emotes that were given as rewards for the Open Beta. These can be claimed via your Mailbox in-game, even if you didn't participate in it.

High Five Emote

Send Heart Emote
Rewards from the completion of the Open Beta

Pre-Season Battle Pass Exclusives

There are an additional five Emotes which are tied to the Pre-Season Battle Pass owners. The current Battle Pass expires on August 29, 2024. However, the developers have already shared plans for The First Descendant Road Map moving forward.

Emote name
Pre-Season Battle Pass level requirement
play congas the first descendantPlay CongasLevel 8
white emote the first descendantWhistleLevel 19
flex those muscles emote the first descendantFlex Those MusclesLevel 37
Red CardLevel 72
finger framing emote
Finger FramingLevel 92
Pre-Season Battle Pass exclusive Emotes (screenshots by esports.gg)


In terms of Emotes there are only a few that stand out from the Standard Emotes you have access to; Firearm Cleaning, Joyful Clap and the Sit Emote. From the five Pre-Season Battle Pass Emotes, Play Congas is the most fun by far, although doing the Red Card Emoji after someone has failed miserably to contribute on a mission has its perks.