New Descendants, Colossi, and epic seasons await in August and December.

First Descendant has been out for less than a week and the developers have already announced their content roadmap for 2024. In a dev chat, developer Nexon showed off their plans for all the content coming in the following months. With a new Descendant, Colossus, Episodes and Dungeons in the works, the excitement is bubbling.

The First Descendant Roadmap - August and December Updates

Here's the complete roadmap for First Descendant based on the Dev Chat 5. The roadmap reveals the seasonal structure for the game along with the pre-season updates we'll be getting at the start of August.

New Descendant Luna, Colossus Gluttony in First Descendant Roadmap

After the housekeeping was out of the way, the Dev Chat 5 moved into the future content plans for The First Descendant. The game will be following a seasonal structure for its content rollout. Seasons will bring with them new descendants, storylines and colossi. But before we get into the full swing of things, players will get their first update in early-August.

The early-August update will be the first content drop for The First Descendant according to the Roadmap. While the update will not bring along a season, there's still a lot in store. Front and centre is the new descendant Luna.

A music themed character, Luna will be the first new Descendant added to the game. She will also be the 15th Descendant in the game overall. Luna launches in First Descendant on Aug. 1 2024.

Alongside Luna's launch, Valby will be getting the ultimate treatment. Ultimates in First Descendants are special, more powerful versions of the characters with a unique armored-aesthetic skin. So far, 5 Ultimates were launched with the game, with Valby being the first new one.

An unnamed Ultimate Weapon will also become available for players, as they prepare for their latest foe. The newest Colossus, Gluttony, joins the battle, opening up a new Void Intercept battle. More details about these will likely be revealed in the upcoming weeks.

First Descendant Roadmap Outlines Two Seasons

Alongside the early-August update, the Roadmap crucially outlines the structure for ongoing content releases through Seasons. These seasons will bring with them some unique content alongside the usual accoutrement of Descendant, Colossus, Ultimate and Weapons.

Season 1 Episode: Invasion - Late-August

The seasonal system for First Descendant will begin with Season 1 Episode: Invasion in Late-August according to the roadmap. The season will be split across three updates and will bring numerous updates.

Season progression and Field Completion will be the major highlights, with another new Descendant (#16), Colossus and Dungeon, Weapon, Skin and Ultimate Descendant in tow. With a Late-August release, the season will likely extend all the way to Season 2 in December.

Season 2 Episode: Ancestor - Early December

Arriving just in-time for the December holiday grind, Season 2 will see us through to 2025. According to the First Descendants roadmap, Season 2's highlight will be a brand new Mega Dungeon and the Utility Companion, alongside the expected season progression. The game will also its usual set of Descendant (#17), Ultimate Descendant, Dungeon Skin and Weapon.

That's the First Descendant Roadmap as it stands today, with the developer stating that work is already underway and more will be revealed later. With so much content on the way this is the best time to jump in with your friends.

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