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Tekken 8 Rollback Netcode – All you need to know

Here’s what Rollback Netcode is and why it is one of the best technology additions for Fighting Games.

The latest Fighting Games releases usually have Rollback Netcode. The new technology significantly improves the in-game experience. Find out here if Tekken 8 has a Rollback Netcode

Does Tekken 8 have a Rollback Netcode?

Yes, Tekken 8 has Rollback Netcode and will improve performance and experience over Tekken 7.

Game Director Katushiro Harada confirmed in April 2023 that Tekken 8 has Rollback Netcode.

The game has Rollback Netcode on PC, XBox Series S|X as well as on PS5. With crossplay  (if enabled) available in Tekken 8, Rollback Netcode will ensure a fair fight for all players concerned.

Tekken 8 released on January 26 on multiple platforms. The game has a long list of achievements and most of them are relatively easy, so getting that Platinum trophy on PlayStation should not be much of a challenge.

Tekken 8 also brings back the popular Tekken Ball game mode including different types of balls. So if you’re not playing matchmaking, it’s time to get your beach attire out and play Ball.

What is Rollback Netcode?

The speed and precision are both equally important in Fighting Games. Rollback Netcode is a technique used in Fighting Games to ensure players experience smooth gameplay and minimum latency. 

Rollback Netcode works on the idea of predicting and correcting game states. Different players might have different input timings and network delays. As such, there might be delays in inputs arriving on time. In such instances, the game rolls back the game state to the last confirmed point and replays the input with the correct timing. This ensures that network delays do not significantly impact your game performance and results.

Rollback Netcode allows the game to run normally without adding artificial delay or lag for other players. The technology is also slightly adaptive in that it can adjust the rollback and prediction depending on the actual delayed input. 

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