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How to Get Tekken 8 Platinum Trophy

Getting the Platinum trophy is very easy.

Bandai Namco’s Tekken 8 has been released amidst much hype and excitement. The game continues the story of the Mishima family and their power struggles. For many players who have pre-ordered the game or otherwise, completing all the Achievements and collecting the trophies is a matter of pride. And the rarest of them all is the Tekken 8 Platinum Trophy. Here’s how to get the Tekken 8 Platinum trophy on PS5- and the Gold and the Silver ones as well.

How to Get Tekken 8 Platinum Trophy?

Players can get the Tekken 8 Platinum Trophy if they complete all the Achievements in the game. Tekken has multiple achievements, but most of them are relatively easy to complete. You can check out the list of all Tekken 8 Achievements in our article below.

There are four different types of Tekken 8 trophies - Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Each trophy requires a certain number of achievements to be completed with the Platinum trophy requiring you to complete all achievements.

Gold Trophy in Tekken 8

  • Hope: Finished Chapter 15 of The Dark Awakens with Jin Kazama victories
  • Despair: Finished Chapter 15 of The Dark Awakens with Kazuya Mishima victories
  • Get Ready for the Next Battle!: Finished Arcade Quest

Silver Trophy in Tekken 8

  • Power Isn’t Everything: Finished 10 Character Episode stories
  • A New Star Rising in the World of TEKKEN!: Won the Arcade Quest Kobushi Dojo Tournament
  • Godfather: Defeated Harada_TEKKEN in Super Ghost Battle
  • Behold, the Fruits of My Labors: Dealt 70+ damage in an air combo (Excluding offline player battles)
  • Fear My Wrath: Dealt 20 Heat Smashes (Excluding offline player battles)
  • There’s No Way You Can Stop Me: Got promoted to Vanquisher
  • Your Money is My Money!: Obtained an overall total of 10,000,000G
  • I’ll Live On, Together With My Sins: Finished Chapter 12 of The Dark Awakens
  • I Would Do Well to Follow Your Example: Achieved a 30-hit chain during Operation Rebellion in The Dark Awakens

Completing the other achievements will give you the Bronze trophy. The Bronze trophy is usually the easiest to achieve as it includes some really basic challenges. Some of the challenges are as simple as simply winning a Randed match or finishing five character episodes. 

You can check out the complete list of trophies and achievements here

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