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All Tekken 8 achievements and trophies

Ready to grind Tekken 8? Here’s what you’ll earn.

Tekken 8 brings a whole new list of achievements and trophies for completionists around the globe. Players can call in sick for the next week and tackle each one as they pump hours into the latest Tekken installment.

Prepare to spend your waking hours racking up all the trophies possible. Fortunately for Tekken fans, this just means you have a reason to play more.

Tekken 8 achievements and trophies list

Perform a Hard Floor Break
Initiating Analysis
Defeat 10 CPU Ghosts in Super Ghost Battle
That's how a true champion fights!
Deal 20 Rage Arts
This one's in the bag!
Practice with the tips on in Replays & Tips
You never learn
Perform a Floor Blast
A new star rising in the world of TEKKEN!
Win the Arcade Quest Kobushi Dodo Tournament
All is vanity
Defeat a player's Ghost
Behold, the fruits of my labors
Deal 70+ damage in an air combo
Come on, just try and kill me
Perform a Hard Wall Break
Come, humanity! Unleash the dogs of war!
Finish Chapter One of The Dark Awakens
Congrats on the victory!
Win the Arcade Quest Gong Tournament
Finish Chapter 15 of The Dark Awakens with Kazuya Mishima victorious
Do you want to learn Marshall Arts?
Complete five Combo Challenges
Play a total of 10 online battles of any kind
Fear my wrath
Deal 20 Heat Smashes
Get ready for the next battle!
Finish Arcade Quest
Defeat Harada_TEKKEN in Super Ghost Battle
Finish Chapter 15 of The Dark Awakens with Jin Kazama victorious
How do you take your coffee?
Reach the lowest area of the Ortiz Farm stage
I aspire to greater heights!
Get promoted to Brawler
I would do well to follow your example
Achieve a 30-hit chain during Operation Rebellion in The Dark Awakens
I'll give you a rematch anytime, guv
Win a Player Match
I'll live on, together with my sins
Finish Chapter 12 of The Dark Awakens
I'll put an end to this
Finish Arade Battle
I'm actually pretty strong
Get promoted to Warrior
Just relax. You can do it
Win a Ranked Match
Let the blistering sands consume you
Trigger 10 Tornados
My moves are way faster than yours
Perform 20 Devilish hits in Tekken Ball
No pain, no gain!
Deal 2,000 damage in Practice mode
Now it's time to destroy you
Deal an overall total of 1,000 damage while in Rage mode
Achieve a great victory
Please don't tell my father
Win a Group Match
Power isn't everything
Finish 10 Character Episode stories
Resuming mission
Perform a Wall Blast
Sorry for getting rough back there
Perform a Wall Bound
That was too easy!
Achieve a perfect victory
The fists reveal the fighter
Fight against your own Ghost
There's no way you can stop me
Get promoted to Vanquisher
This should be fun
Finish five Character Episode stories
Under the divine protection of Sirius
Heal an overall total of 500 damage in recoverable health
What a rush!
Perform five Heat Bursts
You aren't alone anymore
Finish Chapter Seven of The Dark Awakens
You think you can stop me?
Perform 10 Heat Dashes
You're in for it now!
Save a custom character in Character Customisation
Your fate is already decided
Activate Heat five times with a Heat Engager
Your money is my money!
Obtain an overall total of 10,000,000 G
(Image via Bandai Namco Entertainment)
(Image via Bandai Namco Entertainment)

There are 47 trophies to collect in Tekken 8. While the story is relatively short, there are a whole bunch of things to earn. Essentially, you just have to put the time in to collect them.

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