Tekken 8 releases physical OST cover image

Tekken 8 releases physical OST

Tekken 8’s official OST is up for pre-order.

It is a good time to be a Tekken fan, as the new Tekken 8 game has just been released, and many other projects are coming out alongside it. One of these projects is the entire Tekken 8 OST, which now has a physical release.

Not only does the release come with the entire Tekken 8 original soundtrack, but it also comes with a large album jacket, stickers and more.

Tekken 8 OST is up for pre-order

Those looking to pre-order the new Tekken 8 OST can do so here.

The release comes with four physical CDs, an LP-size jacket, a jumbo booklet and various stickers. Those who purchase the collection will have a plethora of tunes to listen to, as the soundtrack contains 42 different tracks.

So when exactly is the official release for the physical Tekken 8 OST? As of now, the collection is set to release on March 13, 2024. Pre-orders, though, close on February 1, 2024, and could close earlier if the website runs out of stock.

The entire bundle currently costs $41.91 USD, not including shipping.

Is there a vinyl release?

Vinyl and Tekken enthusiasts will be disappointed to know that, no, there is currently no vinyl release for the Tekken 8 original soundtrack. Still, depending on the success of the CD bundle, we may see a vinyl pressing in the future.

Many games such as Skyrim, Minecraft and more have seen quite a number of sales on vinyl releases for their OST, so seeing a game as successful as Tekken 8 press their soundtrack would not be unlikely.

With the game just releasing last week, there is still a lot of time for new merch and more to be made for release.

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