Fight your way to the end — chapter by chapter.

Tekken 8, the newest addition to the popular fighting game series, has a story mode for you to explore the lore and characters of the game. Below we’ll break down how many chapters are in Tekken 8, how long it takes, and what you can unlock.

How many chapters are in Tekken 8?

In total, there are 15 chapters in Tekken 8’s main story. Completing all of the chapters in the main story will take about three to four hours. The chapter titles are as follows:

  1. Evil Stars Collide
  2. Wayward Power
  3. A Ghost from the Past
  4. Unrelenting Ambition
  5. A Fate Decided by Fists
  6. The Devil Progenitor
  7. Despair
  8. Humble Beginnings
  9. A Promise
  10. All-Out Assault
  11. For the Hope of Tomorrow
  12. A Heart Bound in Chains
  13. Awakening
  14. Clash Above the Heavens
  15. Strength and Conviction

What rewards do you get from each chapter of Tekken 8's story mode?

Because players can play the 15 chapters of Tekken 8 at any difficulty, rewards can vary. Playing on harder modes will unlock additional rewards. Additionally, whether or not you defeat Kazuya in the last chapter will impact which rewards you unlock.

Reina in Tekken 8 (Image via
Reina in Tekken 8 (Image via

If your goal is achievement and reward hunting, it’s best to play or replay chapter 1, chapter 7, and chapter 15 on the hard difficulty.

Evil Stars Collide: Chapter 1 rewards

  • G Corp Plate (Bronze/Silver/Gold)
  • Violet Systems Plate
  • Plate (Bronze)
  • G Corp Panel (Bronze/Silver/Gold)
  • G Corp Health Gauge (Bronze/Silver/Gold)
  • Come, humanity! Unleash the dogs of war! (Achievement)

The Devil Progenitor: Chapter 6 rewards

  • Azazels’ Core (Tekken Ball)
Victor versus Dragunov in Tekken 8's story mode (Image via
Victor versus Dragunov in Tekken 8's story mode (Image via

Despair: Chapter 7 rewards

  • Zaibatsu Plate (Bronze/Silver/Gold)
  • Plate (Silver)
  • Zaibatsu Panel (Bronze/Silver/Gold)
  • Zaibatsu Health Gauge (Bronze/Silver/Gold)
  • You aren’t alone anymore (Achievement)

A Heart Bound in Chains: Chapter 12 rewards

  • I’ll live on, together with my sins (Achievement)

Strength and Conviction: Chapter 15 rewards

  • 10,000,000 G
  • Devil Plate (Bronze/Silver/Gold)
  • Plate (Gold)
  • Devil Panel (Bronze/Silver/Gold)
  • Devil Health Gause (Bronze/Silver/Gold)
  • Jin Soul Chain Outfit
  • Kazuya TK8 Style Outfit (Story Version)
  • Jin TK8 Style Outfit (Story Version)
  • Side Story: Jun Kazama (Gallery)
  • Character Episode: Jun Kazama
  • Chapter Episode: Reina
  • Hope (Title) and (Achievement) or Despair (Title) and (Achievement)

Above are all of the chapters and rewards for the main story of Tekken 8! If you want to know more about the character episodes, check out our article covering that here!

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