Jun Kazama was thought to have died in the events leading up to Tekken 3, but Tekken 8 answers the 25 year old question: is Jun Kazama alive?

The question is Jun alive has been answered in Tekken 8. Long time fans of the Tekken franchise will be aware that the fate of beloved character Jun Kazama has never really been explained, leading to many fan theories. The overarching assumption is that she died to the hands of Ogre during the events of Tekken 3. However, as you'll soon find out, that is not the case.

Is Jun alive in Tekken 8?

Yes, Jun is alive in Tekken 8's main story. Her absence is explained through her character episode unlocked after defeating the main storyline.

In terms of the lore of the Tekken series, many fans were under the impression Jun died at the end of Tekken 2. However, according to the Game Director, fans leapt to conclusions and the developers never confirmed that.

Jun in Tekken 2 (1999) versus Tekken 8 (2024)
Jun in Tekken 2 (1999) versus Tekken 8 (2024)

In an interview with TheGamer ahead of the game's launch, Tekken 8's game director Katsuhiro Harada addressed Jun's return in Tekken 8.

We never really said that she was killed, but a lot of people thought she died. One of the movies in Tekken 3 shows Ogre with someone’s head but it’s clearly not one particular character, it’s just designed to show him as a scary character. She’s just been absent for such a long time, but it was really exciting to bring her back, as she’s one of the fan favourites.”

Katsuhiro Harada, Tekken 8 Game Director in an interview with TheGamer

Jun Character Episode explains how she is alive

Jun's Character Episode and appearances in the story mode give us the missing pieces of what happened to her since Tekken 2. In fact, Jun tells us directly. (If you wanted to see this cut scene for yourself in-game, you'll first need to unlock Jun's character episode by completing the main campaign)

Jun explains she led Ogre away to a mystical ground to protect Jin, seven years ago
Jun explains she led Ogre away to a mystical ground to protect Jin, seven years ago

In Jun's character episode she recounts what has happened to her. We learn that after Jin and herself were attacked by Ogre seven years ago at the end of Tekken 2, she led Ogre away to a mystical ground passed down in the Kazama family for generations.

Jun fighting Ogre in the aftermath of Tekken 2 (from the Tekken 8 flashback)
Jun fighting Ogre in the aftermath of Tekken 2 (from the Tekken 8 flashback)

Drawing on the power of that holy ground, Jun fought with Ogre but was gravely wounded. While she was on the ground she heard the Kazama family lullaby. Guided by this mysterious power, Jun fell asleep on the ancient altar, only to awaken seven years later where Tekken 8 takes place. She then set off to Italy to put an end to the quarrel between father (Kazuya) and son (Jin).

So if you were wondering how Jun is alive, the answer is that she never died.

Jun is a playable character and very much alive in Tekken 8

Jun Kazama return in Tekken 8 as a playable character is her first appearance in the mainline Tekken games in 25 years ago. Her last appearance was in Tekken 2 released in 1999.

She hasn't been completely absent however, making several cameos in cut-scenes and flashbacks in recent titles involving Kazuya, Heihachi and Jin.

While she has made appearances in spin-off titles such as Tekken Tag Tournament and Tekken Revolution, Jun's addition to Tekken 8 is what fans have been hoping for.