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How to download Tekken 8: PlayStation, Xbox, and PC

Here’s how you can get your hands on the newly-released Tekken 8!

After months long of anticipation, the next installment in the Tekken franchise is finally here! On January 26, Bandai Namco released Tekken 8 and the legendary fighting franchise immediately picked up pace. To join in on the hype and taste more Mishima drama, you can also grab Tekken 8 for yourself! Here's how to download Tekken 8 across different platforms.

How to download Tekken 8 on PlayStation and Xbox

(Screenshot via
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Getting Tekken 8 is pretty simple. On PlayStation, just go to the PlayStation Shop and search for Tekken 8. Select your preferred Tekken edition and press "Add to Cart". Next, press "Proceed to checkout" and you can complete your purchase.

Xbox has a similar way to download Tekken 8. First, go to the Microsoft Store app and spot the store from the Xbox Series X dashboard. There, you can search for Tekken 8 and purchase the edition of choice. The download progress can be seen on "My Games".

How to download Tekken 8 on PC

If you want to download Tekken 8 via PC, you need the Steam application. If you already have a Steam account and the app downloaded on your PC, you can open Steam's Store. From the Store, you can easily spot Tekken 8 as one of the featured games or you can also choose to search Tekken 8 in the search bar.

(Screenshot via
(Screenshot via

Below the game's bio, you will see a list of downloadable Tekken 8 editions. Choose which edition you prefer and click "Add to cart". Proceed to purchase the game and Tekken 8 will be in your Steam library.

Another method to download Tekken 8 is via the official website itself. You can directly purchase Tekken 8 for any of the three platforms from

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