Azazel has returned to the Tekken franchise. But, for how long?

Tekken 8’s Azazel is likely to leave a mark on gamers as the main story progresses. Though his time on screen is brief, Azazel is such a massive character, that players are probably wondering what his story is.

Don’t stress, we have all the Azazel information right here for you. Now, you can replay the story mode and understand the full gravity of his arrival in the story.

Azazel’s Tekken history

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Azazel joined the Tekken cast in the sixth installment of the franchise. At one point in time, Azazel ruled over Earth. But, was ultimately imprisoned by humanity after they revolted.

While sitting in a magical Temple-like prison, the infamous Devil gene and the Devil itself were created by none other than Azazel. This creation was an attempt to provide escape from his imprisonment. However, it becomes a tool that characters in the Tekken franchise use to elevate their power.

Azazel is later brought back by Jin Kazama and Kazuya. A fierce battle between the two created a large amount of energy, which intern allowed Azazel to escape. Azazel bides his time and hides in order to gain more strength while pretending to be out of the picture. Once Jin and Lars battle it out in Tekken 6 next to the temple, Azazel returns once again to finish what he started.

This is where Jin begins his battle with Azazel. Jin punches Azazel through the chest, pushing both characters into an abyss. Players are left wondering what happened to the two. 

Then, Tekken 7 begins. This is where players learn that Zafina has absorbed Azazel. However, Azazel is still attempting to escape her body. 

Who is Azazel in Tekken 8?

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Azazel is brought back to life in Tekken 8 by Kazuya. The Devil gene creator returns, but only for a short period of time.

But, for this installment in the franchise, Azazel appears in Chapter 6 “The Devil Progenitor.” Players will get to tackle the creator of the Devil gene as the one and only Kazuya. Kazuya uses Zafina as a sacrifice to unlock a hole in the sky to release Azazel. 

Once open, Azazel makes his triumphant return. But, his arrival is a mere stepping stone for Kazuya to reach his maximum potential.

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