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How long is Tekken 8? Time to beat and story length

Grab some coffee, Tekken 8 will take you a fair while to complete.

While many players jump into fighting games like Tekken 8 to play online multiplayer, plenty enjoy the single player focused content and stories. The game has a main story mode, as well as character episodes for the games 32 playable fighters. In addition, there is a new Arcade Quest mode. How long is Tekken 8 going to take, with so many modes to play?

How long is Tekken 8? (All modes)

Players should expect to take around ten to twelve hours if they want to beat all of the different modes in the fighting game. Obviously, how long Tekken 8 is does depend on how skilled you are at the game and how quickly you move through the several modes available. The difficulty that you choose will also impact how long Tekken 8 is for you.

Image Credit: Namco
Image Credit: Namco

How long is the Tekken 8 main story?

The answer to how long the Tekken 8 main story takes depends on the difficulty. The fastest you can get through the Tekken 8 main story is about 4 hours. This is on the lowest possible difficulty.

If you want more of a challenge, the main story is about five hours long on a higher difficulty. We certainly suggest going for a lower difficulty if you are new to Tekken games.

However, completionists and those who want to gather all of the collectables and items from the main story, the harder modes might be for you.

What about Arcade Quest and Character Episodes?

The Character Episodes and Arcade Quest also provide plenty of single player content. The character episodes take about ten minutes each maximum. That sounds short, but with 32 episodes to complete, that soon adds up to about five hours of content.

The Arcade Quest can be completed a bit faster. You should expect that mode to take about two hours. This could take less if you've mastered levelling up quickly and you're more experienced with the game.

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