New Tekken: Bloodline Trailer reveals Nina, Hwoarang, Feng, Xiaoyu and more! cover image

New Tekken: Bloodline Trailer reveals Nina, Hwoarang, Feng, Xiaoyu and more!

The new Tekken: Bloodline trailer has revealed details about the show, the release date, and some familiar faces to Tekken fans.

A new Tekken: Bloodline trailer has revealed a half dozen new Tekken characters to be featured in the upcoming series, as well as unveiling the release date of the show. The trailer, first revealed in the small hours of the morning of July 19th, on the Netflix Anime Twitter and YouTube, shows Jin Kazama battling multiple staples of the Tekken Series.

Among those featured in the trailer were the previously confirmed King and Paul Phoenix. But newly confirmed members of the show's roster include Nina Williams, Hwoarang, Feng, Xiaoyu, Leyroy Smith, and Julia Chang. The trailer goes on to confirm that Jin will be competing in some kind of tournament during the series. And he will have to keep his true identity, and his relation to Kazuya Mishima, a secret.

It’s clear almost every opponent has an issue with Heihachi, Kazuya, or the Mishima family in general, so Jin has the odds stacked against him. And so far, the show looks incredible, with numerous action shots.

Overall, the show does confirm a few details about the story as well. It’s confirmed that Jun Kazama will be killed by Ogre, as in the actual Tekken storyline, and that Heihachi will attempt to unleash Jin’s hidden power. But other details are still sparse. Apart from, ofcourse, the new release date.

A release date for Tekken: Bloodline

Image via Netflix
Image via Netflix

Alongside the character reveals in the Tekken: Bloodline trailer we finally got a solid release date for the show: August 18th, 2022. Many have assumed the show would be released in August and this is our first solid confirmation.

This release date is set to make August a stacked month for games-related animation on Netflix. Dota: Dragon’s Blood Book 3 releases just a week before. And the new Castlevania series is expected around the same time. It’s a great time to be a fan of gaming with a Netflix account!