Teamfight Tactics is enjoying a new lease of life as viewership has tripled following the release of the Hextech themed Set 6 in November.

Teamfight Tactics viewership on streaming platforms (Twitch, YouTube and Facebook) has seen a massive uptake in the last month following the release of Set 6. In fact, TFT viewership has tripled according to data provided to us by StreamHatchet.

Set 6 welcomed the Hextech augment system to TFT – yes that technology that featured in the Arcane Netflix series.

The 140 Hextech augments are essentially mini-power ups, which come in three tiers and offer a fun new way to experience the game. The addition of duo mode Double Up has also made the game easier to enjoy with friends.

Stats Don’t Lie – TFT viewership skyrockets after Set 6

TFT Viewership - Stream Hatchet
Teamfight Tactics viewership (Twitch, YouTube, Facebook) has tripled since set 6 drop on November 3rd

TFT viewership floated between 300K to 500K daily hours watched In October across Twitch, YouTube and Facebook.

However, according to statistics provided to us by StreamHatchet, TFT viewership spiked immediately after the release of Set 6 on November 3rd. Within two days of the new update, TFT was averaging around 1,200 to 1,500 daily hours watched. An increase in viewership after a patch is nothing new, but what is remarkable is the long-term effect.

TFT viewership has remained high unlike with previous Sets

While both Set 4.5 and Set 5 saw an increase in viewership, it was followed by a steady decline (StreamHatchet). This is not the case of Set 6. According to statistics shared with us by StreamHatchet, the impact of the Arcane themed set has been permanent. This could bode well for plans to expand its competitive scene in 2022.

TFT Viewership StreamHatchet
The launch of Set 6 is the best set launch of 2021 (Stats by StreamHatchet)

A report by Streamhatchet last week (above) also gives an indication of just how significant this increase is in terms of 2021 as a whole.

A combination of factors

The surge in TFT viewership is likely the combination of the ingenuity of the new Hextech augment system along with a nice PR push for Riot Games titles through the Arcane Netflix series.

Another contributing factor in the viewership increase is that a handful of high profile League of Legends streamers are playing the game, such as G2’s Jankos and Boxbox.

G2’s Jankos is one of the LoL streamer’s bringing in big viewership for Teamfight Tactics

Arcane fans playing TFT will soon see Silco

For fans who’ve discovered TFT as a result of the Arcane Netflix series, there is also much to look forward to. Riot Games have already teased that Silco, the antagonist of the Arcane Netflix series, will be making an appearance in Teamfight Tactics in February 2022.

While some may have thought the time of the auto-battler was over, the rise of TFT viewership this month proves it may just be the beginning.


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