The crimelord Silco is coming to League of Legends, but not through Summoner’s Rift – rather, Teamfight Tactics gets the nod.

The Zaun crime lord Silco was a standout hit in the League of Legends Netflix series Arcane. Now he's coming to the League of Legends client. However, instead of heading to Summoner's Rift, Silco will make his debut in Teamfight Tactics in February of 2022. He will debut alongside the Gadgets and Gizmos set.

Silco comes to Teamfight Tactics, not Summoner's Rift

Riot put out a blog earlier today detailing the process of debuting a new character in Teamfight Tactics. In fact, Silco is exclusive to the mode in general.

"As our first unit independent of League of Legends’ champion roster, Silco poses unique challenges and opportunities for the team. Typically, we’re able to adapt League of Legends champions to Teamfight Tactics, with, well, a lot of work, but Silco isn’t coming to League of Legends, so we’ve had to build him from the ground up."

Silco won't be playable on Summoner's Rift at all. This could be because Silco is a character from Runeterra's past (and died... oops, spoilers?) and wouldn't fit into the current storyline, whereas TFT is more of an all-star sort of mode.

Riot did not share any of Silco's abilities but did mention that he'll be a "conductor" of sorts, likely buffing his allies and spreading discord among his enemies.

Silco is a work in progress for TFT, built from scratch for the mode.
Silco is a work in progress for TFT, built from scratch for the mode.

Could Valorant agents be next for TFT?

Also in the blog, Riot hinted that this might not be the last character to make their debut in TFT. They even suggested that characters from outside of Runeterra could make an appearance. There are a lot of places that could potentially go, with units from Valorant being an interesting thought. The Agent abilities from that game could easily be ported over. Lots of agents in Valorant using things like sniper rifles and area of effect attacks feeling right at home.

This wouldn't even be the first time the two universes have crossed over. The Riot x Arcane event saw Valorant and League of Legends characters in the interactive experience, for instance.

We'll just have to wait and see what Riot cooks up next.

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