Want to play Teamfight Tactics on your shiny new Samsung Galaxy Ultra S22? Looks like there are some serious crashing issues at present.

Oh, you got your new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra today, huh? Managed to avoid the crippling preorder delays, and now you want to sit down and test it with some Teamfight Tactics? As you, and this author, discovered, Teamfight Tactics is having some issues with logging in right now.

So much so, that the game can't even patch without crashing. This means you won't be able to log in or play at all on your new S22. Samsung Tab 8 tablets are also experiencing the bug.

What's causing TFT to crash on Samsung S22 and Samsung Tab 8?

Whenever TFT is launched on a Galaxy S22 line or Tab 8, even, it seems that the program just closes with the error message: "TFT encountered a bug. Wait for the developers to update the app in the Play Store."

Of course, this is less than ideal and Riot has already announced that they are looking into the issue.

If you're having issues with other devices, here are some troubleshooting steps you can take to figure out if you can fix it.

Other steps to fix TFT android crashing issues

Step one: Restart your phone

  • This seems obvious, but sometimes simple is the easiest answer. Give that phone a power cycle and try it again. That might kick things into gear. To do this, just press and hold the side button on your S22 or Tab 8 until a pop up comes up asking you to restart. You can also hard restart the device by holding the button down for 30 seconds.

Step two: Uninstall TFT and redownload

  • Another answer pulled straight from first year IT courses. Sometimes files just get corrupted for one reason or another and a fresh install is the easiest way to solve that issue.

Step three: Make sure your phone is up to date

  • Sometimes your phone is simply running old software. In order to fix this, go to your phone's settings, tap System -> Adavanced -> System Update. Chances are your phone is already up to date, but if it's not, just follow the on screen prompts.

Step four: Make sure TFT is up to date

  • Head into the Google Play store and find TFT. There, it should tell you if your game is up to date. If it isn't a green update button will be lit up - just click that and it should help you be good to go.

Step five: Make sure TFT has the permissions it needs

  • If you tell TFT it can't have permission to use your storage, it won't be able to download critical updates for the game. Tap on apps in Settings, then scroll down to TFT. Make sure that the Storage tab is ticked, that way the game can do what it has to do on your hard drive. TFT doesn't use your data, so no need to worry there.

What to do once you fix the TFT Samsung S22 crashes?

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