Milk tops TFT NA Power Rankings #2 cover image

Milk tops TFT NA Power Rankings #2

SpiceyAppies and DQA break into the top 15 in the latest TFT NA Power Rankings.

The TFT Power Rankings #2 for January 2022 are here and there are some big changes to the rankings. After Ramblinn won last month's TFT Power rankings, Milk has topped the charts in January

TFT NA Power Rankings #2 - January 2022

Team Liquid’s KurumX is now a permanent judge on this panel, replacing Noobowl. For the January edition of the power rankings, Milk also came on as a guest judge. He was also the #1 player even though he did not vote for himself as the best player. In fact, Milk put Spencer at the top, partly for his skill and partly for his drive. 

Both play a controlled-oriented style where you tend to play narrow lines from the start of games. You tend to greed a little bit more. You’re both outstanding at knowing when you need to spike and to be able to do it at the exact round you need to and then roll with the momentum through the game.

Bryce Blum on MIlk and Spencer.

One of the biggest surprises for the guest judge was Kiyoon’s drop in the rankings. Kiyoon finished 12th, dropping six places from last month. The player has had a few misses over the past few weeks with low placements at the Gizmos & Gadgets: Zaun Cup and the Allie Coin Pro-Am. 

There are two new entries in the NA power rankings for January. SpicyAppies and DQA have cracked the top 15 after some strong results in January. SpicyAppies finished top 4 at the Gizmos & Gadgets: Zaun Cup. He also finished 2nd in the Challenger Series.

TFT NA Power Rankings for January 2022:

Milk’s TFT Report Card

The Power Rankings show also features a segment called 'Reportable', where the guest fills out a report card. It's a fun segment watching the guest judge rate players based on parameters such as Reroll proficiency, Execution, Macro and game knowledge. There is also a cuteness ranking.

Milk rated three players (Kiyoon, K3soju and himself) based on their skill amongst the top 15 players in the power ranking. Ultimately, the report card saw Milk top with 128 points compared to 118 for Kiyoon and 126 for K3soju. Milk did give himself a few 15s in the report card, so take that with a grain of salt.

Who are the TFT Power Rankings judges?

The TFT Power Rankings judges include an esteemed panel of commentators, players and community figures. There are ten permanent judges and every month, the show has a guest judge, Milk was the guest judge this year.

  • Frodan
  • Bryce
  • KurumX
  • K3Soju
  • Gangly
  • Pockygon
  • Ramkev
  • Souless
  • Guubums
  • Kiyoon
  • Milk (Guest Judge)

What is the Teamfight Tactics NA Power Rankings?

The Teamfight Tactics NA Power Rankings was created by an esteemed panel of commentators, players and community figures. It was organized by the premier TFT commentator duo Dan “Frodan” Chou and Bryce Blum, who are also behind the brand new DTIYDK Podcast!

How were the placements decided?

Each of the 11 panelists (10 fixed judges + 1 guest judge) ranked the top 15 TFT players in North America based on the question: if all top players competed in 100 tournaments on the current patch, who would have the highest average placement (AVP)?

We assigned points to each ranking, with first-place scoring 15 points and each successive placement earning one fewer point (e.g. second earns 14 points, third earns 13 points, and 15th earns 1 point). Consensus rankings are based on the average point earnings for each player based on their ranking from every panelist.

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