A major TFT tournament in Set 11 is here. Tactician’s Cup I combines BR, LATAM, and NA. Find out what’s at stake!

The global competitive circuit for Teamfight Tactics (TFT) has been re-shaped as North America (NA), Brazil (BR), and Latin America (LATAM) all competing together in the Americas region. Sub-regional tournaments, ladder snapshots, and Tactician's Trial I have all led up to this weekend's Tactician's Cup I competition. Tactician Trial I is akin to the first weekend of previous sets' major cups. Tactician's Cup I is akin to the second weekend of previous sets' major cups where the top players qualifying through ladder join the players who qualified through competition.

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Here's everything you need to know about the Tactician's Cup I.

Who's competing in Tactician's Cup I?

Porcelain Lissandra (Image via Riot Games)
Porcelain Lissandra (Image via Riot Games)

The 128 competitors fighting for four qualification spots at Tactician's Cup II can be found here on the public scoresheet of the event.


  • 128 competitors from BR, LATAM, and NA
    • Top 16 from BR ranked ladder
    • Top 19 from LATAM ranked ladder
      • 10 from Latin America South (LAS)
      • 9 from Latin America North (LAN)
    • Top 23 from NA ranked ladder
    • 12 from Sub-Regional tournaments
      • 4 from BR
      • 4 from LATAM
      • 4 from NA (Ascendant of the Ages)
    • 58 from Tactician Trials I


Day 1

  • 128 qualified competitors play six games
  • Players are seeded into lobbies by snake seeding prior to tournament start
  • Lobbies re-shuffle every two games via snake seeding
  • Top 64 players advance to next day

Day 2

  • Top 64 competitors from first day play six games
  • Lobbies re-shuffle every two games via snake seeding
  • Top 32 advance to final day

Final day

Top 32 lobbies

  • Top 32 competitors play five games
  • Lobbies re-shuffle every two games via snake seeding
  • Top 16 competitors advance to Penultimate Lobbies without point reset

Penultimate lobbies

  • Top 16 competitors play one game (Game 6)
  • Top 8 competitors advance to the Final Lobby without point reset

Final lobby

  • Top 8 competitors play final game (Game 7)
  • Top 4 qualify to Tactician's Cup II

Prize pool

Tactician's Cup I has a $9,400 USD prize pool that will be distributed as follows:

Prize Money

Qualifier points

Ghostly Kayn (Image via Riot Games)
Ghostly Kayn (Image via Riot Games)

Placing well in this tournament will also help competitors accumulate qualifier points. The highest qualifier point from each sub-region in the Americas (BR, LATAM, NA) will qualify directly to the Tactician's Crown, which is the new name for the TFT world championship.

You can find out more information about the new TFT competitive landscape here:

That's all the competitors for Tactician's Cup I. Stay tuned to esports.gg for the latest TFT news and updates.

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