Teamfight Tactics devs unveil the return of Set 3.5 cover image

Teamfight Tactics devs unveil the return of Set 3.5

Time to relive your 2020 TFT memories with an updated experience.

The Teamfight Tactics’ developers are bringing back the beloved Galaxies: Return to the Stars mid-set as a temporary game mode as part of Riot Games’ Lunar Legacy event celebrations. 

Players can count down the days until its January 24, 2024 return, and soak up every bit of nostalgic TFT action until its final hours on March 19, according to a developer blog post today. Oh… and did I mention there will be new Augments? 

Why is Riot bringing back Galaxies: Return to the Stars in TFT?

<em>Image via Riot Games</em>
Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics is turning five soon. According to developer Christina “xtna” Jiang, this means that now is the perfect time to relive some of TFT's best memories, including Galaxies: Return to the Stars. Players will soon get to experience a set “relatively untouched by improvements”. Fear not, it'll still feature the changed character balancing that TFT has today. 

The Galaxies: Return to the Stars mid-set update was released during the public beta on June 10, 2020. The V10.12 content update for League of Legends included a whole new series of classes, Champions, and origins. Champions like Bard, Cassiopeia, Illaoi, Riven, Teemo, Urgot, and Viktor were a part of the hefty update. 

What to expect when Set 3.5 returns to TFT

Fear not, quality of life updates in TFT will leave their mark upon this impending nostalgia trip. Players can expect the “pop-up panel on the carousel to help identify the item and champion you’re viewing, modern day champion tooltip improvements, and more,” according to xtna. 

Fortunately for those who loved ye-olde traits and champions, you will get a taste of that in the late-January update as well. This blast from the past is set to pair with the “learnings from modern TFT.” Gamers can look forward to updates involving Galaxies into Portals, and new Augments.

Players can expect a blend of modern elements of Set 10 TFT and features from Galaxies: Return to the Stars. Things like champion drop percentages, champion bag sizes, leveling costs, and item inventory will be meshed with elements of the Return to the Stars gameplay. 

In particular, champion bag sizes will see a huge shift. Prepare for a total of 50 copies in the pool. This means contesting champions will have a “dramatically reduced impact,” according to xtna. Developers wanted champion pool constraints to be less impactful upon players aiming to test out their favorite compositions. The main aim of this change is to let players “play what you hit, and play what you want.”

Set Mechanic Changes in TFT

As for the upcoming Set Mechanic Changes in the Galaxies: Return to the Stars update, here's what you need to know:

Treasure Trove
Cytes, Terrabursters, Infiltrators, and Arcraptors (PvE encounters) rodger grant extra loot.
Plunder Planet
All champions have a chance to drop a coin, especially the first ones to fall.
The Big Bang
A free reroll given to players each round, extra loot from monsters. When Stage 3 commences, expect a Tactician's Crown. Free rerolls will not be able to be saved.
The Neekoverse
Two Champion Duplicators received at the beginning of each match.
Trade Sector
All players receive one free reroll per round.
Manatee's Delight
Free spatula at the beginning of each game for every player.
Superdense Galaxy
Receive a free Tactician's Crown at the start of stage 3.
Galactic Armory
All players start with 3 component items.
Star Cluster
1, 2, and 3 cost units on carousels have two stars.

Time to take a trip back to the past and relish all the fond memories from TFT's history.

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