Create your customizable poster and video for your TFT Set 10 Wrapped and show off what makes you a great tactician!

Meeix, a TFT host and caster who last appeared at the TFT Vegas Open, shared the link to encourage the community to share their TFT Set 10: Rumble Remix Wrapped. Similar to Spotify Wrapped and Twitch Recap, Rumble Remix Wrapped helps you visualize your journey as a player throughout the entirety of Set 10.

Your Rumble Remix Wrapped comes in the form of a poster or video that is customizable and shareable. The most notable statistics you will see on the poster are your win rate, top 4 rate, games played, average place, and top synergies. The personalized video will have even more data regarding your Set 10 journey thus far. If you are familiar with Spotify Wrapped or Twitch Recap, this TFT version is not for the 2023 year, but rather for Set 10 and includes games played in 2024.

Set 10 Wrapped Sign-in Portal (Image via Riot Games)
Set 10 Wrapped Sign-in Portal (Image via Riot Games)

How to check your TFT Set 10 Wrapped

  1. Visit the TFT Set 10 Wrapped homepage
  2. Sign in with your Riot Games Account
  3. Customize your Wrapped poster and video
  4. Share with your friends on social media

Rumble Remix Wrapped challenges

Set 10 Wrapped Challenges (Image via Riot Games)
Set 10 Wrapped Challenges (Image via Riot Games)

There are challenges you can complete in-game and through playing around with the aesthetics of your TFT Wrapped. This will unlock more customizations to further personalize your poster and video. These include vinyl color, champions, color schemes, and more!

Youc an also customize your own TFT Set 10 wrapped poster and video, then share it with friends and the TFT community! You will be able to return to it as the set progresses and see how things change from now until later!

Stay tuned to for the latest TFT news and updates, including much more on the upcoming TFT patch 14.1!