The Smash Box controller is finally here and it’s shipping soon. But should it be allowed at Smash tourneys at all?

The Smash Box is now available for pre-orders.

The Box controller will cost $249.99 and will start shipping on March 24, 2023. A lot of pros and competitive players have expressed excitement over how close they are to getting their hands on this arcade-style controller.

The Smash Box is an all-button arcade controller that is meant to make gamers more accurate, precise, and fast when they are competing in Super Smash Bros. Players will be able to configure the controls to match their desired playstyle and mapping whether they are playing Melee or Ultimate. The Box is said to be better for players' wrists and hands compared to the coveted GameCube controller.

The Smash Box is currently legal at all major tournaments, including Genesis, CEO, Super Smash Con, The Big House, and more.

But the controller hasn't been without its controversies.

Image via Smash Box
Image via Smash Box

Ever since the Smash Box was announced, the community has been torn about allowing it at tournaments. Some pros have said it's completely fine since there are currently no other regulations for controllers, allowing players to modify GameCube controllers however they want.

But others feel that the Smash Box provides a lot of unfair advantages to pros who spend time getting used to the new controller. Some have suggested that certain aspects of the Smash Box be nerfed or banned from tournaments altogether.

For now, however, the Smash Box is legal. The only issue is that many pros have been practicing for upwards of 20 years on the GameCube controller and will have a difficult time finding that level of comfort and muscle memory with a new controller no matter how good it is. Only time will tell if the Smash Box will become bigger in the competitive scene as it becomes more available.

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