Panda Cup Finale postponed, former CEO Dr. Alan accuses SWT of lying cover image

Panda Cup Finale postponed, former CEO Dr. Alan accuses SWT of lying

Former Panda Global CEO Dr. Alan has stepped down after the SWT controversy. But he has a statement on the way.

As former Panda Global Melee pro Cody "iBDW" Schwab was competing at Mainstage, the scorned esports organization released another statement after the Smash community blamed its CEO of getting Smash World Tour canceled. While the statement was an improvement on the previously released letter, Smash fans were still skeptical after CEO Alan Bunney sent out a cryptic tweet.

The Smash community has been reeling after Nintendo demanded Smash World Tour shut down just days away from the Championship. Every Smash-related pro and employee at Panda Global left the organization after it released a less than satisfactory statement that stood by Nintendo's decision and controversial claims that SWT chose to cancel the Championship on its own.

Now, Panda Global has released a follow-up that announced that Dr. Alan was stepping down as CEO, "effective immediately." A temporary interim management committee (IMC) will act as CEO during this "critical time," working with team members that want to resign and supporting those who feel "displaced" to find a home with Panda or elsewhere.

"We call on the community to treat those affected by these events with grace, understanding, and to call out and report any attempts of doxing or harassment," Panda wrote.

On top of that, the Panda Cup Finale has been postponed. This was applauded by the Smash community, who felt that Panda Global was selfish for moving forward with the tournament after outcries from the community over SWT's demise.

For many in the Smash community, the update came a little too late. Many felt that Dr. Alan was still too involved in Panda Global for them to support the esports organization going forward. Others added that Dr. Alan may have not been the only one at the organization who was to blame.

Things got even worse when Dr. Alan released his own statement. In the late evening of December 4, the former Panda CEO stated that he was stepping down to "protect the safety and well-being of the team." However, he appeared to hint that he's innocent in this situation, stating that a statement with evidence was coming.

While the Smash community was already frustrated with his threatening tweet, most were focused on the two claims that followed:

  • SWT lied
  • BTS leadership put the community in jeopardy

The statement was largely met with anger from the Smash community. Most accused him of lying while others felt there was no need to continue the drama. It's unclear when Dr. Alan's full statement will be released, but it's safe to say that most Smash players are exhausted with the ongoing situation.