Maister was disqualified from Port Priority after a bouncer called him an “outsider” and wouldn’t accept his ID to get into the venue.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate pro Enrique “Maister” Solis ended up getting disqualified from Port Priority when he was denied entrance into the venue.

Maister is known for being the best Mr. Game & Watch in the world and winning a match with Sora at the finals of Smash Con 2022. He’s been traveling the world, competing in majors to qualify for the Smash World Tour Finals 2022. But Maister was recently denied entry to Port Priority for being an “outsider,” leading to some controversy in the Smash community.

In a TwitLonger, Maister explained that he attempted to enter Port Priority through an entrance at the Muckleshoot Casino. A bouncer asked for his ID but then told him his wasn’t valid since it wasn’t a state ID. Maister attempted to explain that he was from Mexico and was just looking to get to the Smash tournament, not the casino, but was told he was an “outsider.”

At that point, the bouncer wasn’t accepting his ID or a photo of his passport, leaving Maister at a loss. He asked if he could show his driver’s license and the bouncer said it was fine. But after glancing at it “for no longer than two seconds,” Maister said the bouncer said “nope.”

“Well, that’s f-ing stupid. My date of birth is there. My name is there. My nationality, date of expiration, and literally everything… And I even told you already that I have my passport on my phone if you want to see it. But you’re denying me entrance for no reason,” Maister said.

According to Maister, he’d never had issues with his IDs in Las Vegas before. He also learned that other competitors from other countries were not having problems getting into the venue. But in Maister’s case, even the supervisor told him that he couldn’t come in and “that’s it” after not letting Maister explain what had happened.

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Maister was then escorted away from the casino.

In the TwitLonger, Maister said that he felt he didn’t have an attitude—at least not at the beginning—and felt the incident may have been racially motivated due to the use of “outsider.”

“I guess all the preparation for this tournament was in vain and it doesn’t matter anymore. I haven’t stopped crying since this happened and I feel terrible. Took a six hour flight for nothing and spent lots of hours studying and giving up my stream schedule just to get ready for this. I’m really, really sad right now, next tournament should be SWT,” Maister wrote.

Maister has been getting a lot of support from the Smash community, friends, and his girlfriend since the incident. After telling his story, more people came forward to offer their support and condemn the people at the venue. Others have even called out the casino in an attempt to get some answers.

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