Genesis 8 is postponed but a Ludwig Smash tournament is taking its place, featuring a $30,001 prize pool and big name participants.

Twitch streamer Ludwig has announced an online Smash tournament with a pretty hefty prize pool.

The Super Smash Bros. community was frustrated when Genesis 8 announced it was being postponed. The major Smash tournament was only a few weeks away, meaning many pros had already booked hotels and flights. Commentator EE's dodgeball tournament is also pushed to the new April date.

A lot of would-be Genesis 8 attendees have expressed anger with the tournament organizer since only some hotel reservations can't be refunded. Flights are another story, with results varying depending on the airline and flight details. But maybe they can now enter Ludwig's tournament and make their money back by winning a chunk of the prize pool.

Ludwig Smash tournament details

When Genesis 8 announced it was being postponed, Ludwig tweeted that he was going to run his own online tournament that same weekend.

Ludwig's online tournament will take place on January 29 and January 30. The exact time of day is not yet known. Ludwig also hasn't specified how to register. But it will only be $1 to participate.

What stands out most about Ludwig's tournament is the prize pool. It's currently $30,001, making it one of the biggest Smash events of all time. By adding a $1 to the $30K prize pool, Ludwig's tournament will be in the top 10 biggest Smash tournaments in the game's history.

Ludwig will soon own three slots on this list.
Ludwig will soon own three slots on this list.

Why won't Ludwig feature Ultimate?

Unfortunately, the tournament will only feature Super Smash Bros. Melee. Ludwig noted that Ultimate's online play is just too, well, bad to garner an online tournament of merit. Top Ultimate player Eric "ESAM" Lew said that Ultimate players could "grin and bear it" for $15K. One fan said they'd rather feel "pain" than nothing at all, begging Ludwig to add Ultimate.

Ludwig isn't new to the competitive Smash scene. He has hosted the Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series three times. Each series featured a string of online tournaments and hefty prize pools. But many of Ludwig's past tournaments were invite-only. This time, it seems as though anyone can enter as long as they have $1.

Big names in Smash have already noted interest, including Melee God Juan "Hungrybox" DeBiedma. This will definitely be an entertaining tourney to keep an eye out for.

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