Moist Esports smash team takes another major victory with Kola’s win at CEO 2021.

CEO returns after a one year hiatus because of the global pandemic. With a roster of ten fighting game at its disposal, the team behind CEO did not disappoint. The weekend was full of hype moments from the competitors in all of the games. The CEO Super Smash Bros Ultimate bracket was the largest event at the tournament, with 777 players entering to test their mettle. One man stood above the rest that weekend, with Moist Esports’ Kola coming through to take the championship belt.

Credit: @CEOgaming on Twitter

A shaky start for Kola

Kola’s top 8 run for CEO’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate bracket did not go as smoothly as one would hope. The Roy main was unfortunately 3-0’d by MuteAce’s Peach, but this seemed to light a fire within Kola. Kola went on a tear in loser’s bracket, taking a 3-1 victory over Zomba’s ROB and a 3-0 victory over Fatality, the best Captain Falcon player in the world.

In loser’s finals, Kola would come to face MuteAce once again. After losing game 1 to MuteAce, Kola would switch to Cloud, a decision that would be crucial to the outcome. This adaptation by Kola was one of the keys to his success. Both players would trade games, and eventually they were down to game 5. In a nail biting, last hit last stock game, Kola hit a back air that would secure his place in Grand Finals.

The reset

Kola would face Gluttony, one of, if not the best European Ultimate player. The first set went down to a game 5 situation, but Kola would take the last game with a strong two stock lead. The Grand Finals reset showed that Kola had momentum on his side as he would take a dominant 3-1 victory over Gluttony to become the CEO Super Smash Bros Ultimate champion for 2021.

Kola wins CEO Super Smash Bros
Credit: @CEOGaming on Twitter

Despite a rough start in Top 8, Kola bounced back and took it all with a character change to adapt to the Peach match up. His victory marks another win for Moist Esports, and Kola’s first major tournament win.

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