Sora from Kingdom Hearts is the final Super Smash Bros Ultimate character.

Sora is the final fighter to join Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Announced today as part of the September 23 Nintendo Direct, the new fighter is the 82nd fighter to join Ultimate, including all of the DLC.

He is also the last Smash Ultimate DLC, with several claims, including today, from Masahiro Sakurai that this would be the last character.

You can purchase Sora for $5.99 individually, or for $30 as part of Fighter's Pass 2, which includes Min Min, Steve, Sephiroth, Pyra/Mythra, Kazuya, and Sora.

Sora joins Smash Ultimate from the Kingdom Hearts series, perhaps the most ambitious crossover in gaming history prior to Smash. Kingdom Hearts combined Square Enix RPG sensibilities with worlds and characters from Disney. Now, Sora joins the roster in a crossover series with a majority of franchises from gaming's history.

Sora was revealed as part of a Mr. Sakurai presents, a series where Smash producer and patron saint Masahiro Sakurai breaks down the character, their moves, the music used from the character's home series, and always funny matches against the CPU.

With 82 fighters, Smash Ultimate has perhaps the largest and most inclusive roster across anywhere in gaming and has been long considered more than just a fighting game. Rather, it's become a celebration of the biggest and brightest in gaming. 

Doomguy and Splatoon Mii Fighters were also added and will release on October 18 for .75 each. Sora will also release on October 18.

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