How do Super Smash Bros. pros feel about the Nintendo circuit? cover image

How do Super Smash Bros. pros feel about the Nintendo circuit?

In a shocking turn of events, Nintendo and Panda Global unveil their new competitive Super Smash Bros. circuit. How do the pros feel about this news?

Earlier today, both Panda Global and Nintendo announced their collaboration in starting an official Super Smash Bros. circuit. This surprise move has garnered a lot of support from the general audience, with many celebrating the fact that Nintendo is acknowledging the competitive Melee community. The pros and tournament organizers have had a bit more of a mixed reaction. The rocky history between Nintendo and the competitive Melee community is one that is well documented.

The video game giant has in the past sent cease and desist orders to high profile tournaments, such as The Big House. They have even threatened to shut down the tournament stream of Evo 2013. This has led many melee players to have a rather negative view of the company. In the past, Nintendo has "supported" tournaments, but this was only in name. Nintendo did not put in any money towards the prize pots for these tournaments, unlike companies like Capcom or Bandai Namco.

How do the pros feel?

Juan "Hungrybox" Debiedma

Team Liquid's Hungrybox is incredibly optimistic about the coming circuit. He has called this "... the first day of a beautiful future." As one of the "Five Gods" of melee, he has been there for the scene's ups and downs when it comes to dealing with Nintendo. Having been one of the players invited to the Smash 4 E3 Invitational, he has worked directly with Nintendo in the past.

Jas "Fizzi" Laferriere

Fizzi is the ingenious mastermind behind the Slippi emulator which has allowed Melee to thrive during the pandemic. Having worked without pay for years to implement Rollback Netcode, he is a very prominent member of the community. He believes that this is an opportunity for good, but he thinks that Nintendo should issue some sort of public statement. In his own words, "Ignoring the problem is not how you heal a fractured relationship."

Larry Lurr

Larry is one of the best overall smash players to touch the series. Having been a competitive player in Melee, Brawl, Smash 4, and Ultimate, he has certainly shown his love for the series. He has a much more negative view on the situation. He believes that Nintendo announced this in response to potentially losing popularity with other platform fighters such as Nickelodeon All Star Brawl and Warner Bros. Multiversus trying to get in on the action.

Robin "JuggleGuy" Harn

Tournament organizer for the famous "The Big House" tournament series, Juggleguy has had a less than savory past with Nintendo. Last year, Nintendo sent a cease and desist order to Juggleguy because of his use of Slippi for "The Big House Online". He is holding out for more details, but at the moment calls it "great for Ult, TBD for melee."

What's next?

At the moment, very little has been revealed about this competitive circuit, but with Panda Global at the helm, we here at are very optimistic for what the future could provide. Despite a rocky past, Nintendo acknowledging Melee scene is a welcome change of pace. Be sure to follow us here at for all coverage on the budding competitive circuit.