16-year old Sparg0 takes 1st at Collision, his third tournament win in 7 days cover image

16-year old Sparg0 takes 1st at Collision, his third tournament win in 7 days

The legend of SparG0AT continues to grow. Following wins at Smash Ultimate Summit 4 and the G4 Smash Ultimate Invitational, Sparg0 wins yet another tournament.

The legend of Edgar "Sparg0" Valdez continues to grow. The 16-year old Super Smash Bros. prodigy from Mexico won Collision yesterday, defeating Tweek in the Grand Final. The open-bracket major was the third tournament Sparg0 has won in exactly seven days.

A week earlier he finished with a victory at Smash Ultimate Summit 4 after a gruelling three days facing the best competition.

Just a day later, Sparg0 won the G4 Smash Ultimate Invitational. His victory at Collision caps off arguably the most impressive week of performances in Smash history.

Smash Summit was actually Sparg0's first major offline tournament win in his young career. After breaking out in online tournaments during the pandemic, he proved his skill was no fluke in 2021.

Sparg0 finished 3rd at Smash Summit 3 and the Smash World Tour 2021 finals, while finishing 2nd at Super Smash Con and Mainstage. The community knew it was only a matter of time before he won his first major. Lo and behold, the kid goes on to win his first three majors in one god-like stretch.

Sparg0's Legendary Week

Sparg0's incredible week of winning tournaments began with the end of Smash Ultimate Summit 4. Squaring off against 15 of the best players in the world, he did not lost a set during the entire three days. He even defeated consensus world #1 MkLeo en route to the Grand Final, where he avenged his Super Smash Con defeat to Light. Sparg0 had finally tasted victory at a major event, not to mention a healthy portion of the $157,000 prize pool.

Less than 24 hours later, Sparg0 was lifting another trophy. The G4 Smash Ultimate Invitation featured 8 top players and a $25,000 prize pool. Sparg0 defeated VoiD, Glutonny, and Larry Lurr on his path to victory. Unfazed by the fatigue from Smash Summit, Sparg0 looked to continue his remarkable streak into the weekend at Collision.

After nearly two weeks of going undefeated in bracket, Sparg0 continued his stellar play at Collision. Though he cruised into Winner's Side Top 8, an extremely difficult path to another tournament win lay ahead. However, "SparG0AT" is never one to be afraid of any challenge. To reach the Grand Final, he defeated both Tweek and MkLeo in back-to-back matches. Tweek defeated Leo in the Loser's Final, earning his runback with Sparg0 in the Grand Final.

The teenage champion faced adversity early when Tweek reset the bracket with a quick 3-0. Sparg0 resiliently answered with a 3-0 in return, sealing his victory at Collision 2022. Before Sparg0's emergence, MkLeo and Tweek were regarded as the world's two best players. With convincing victories over both, it might be time to crown a #1. Only time will tell if this is just Sparg0's week, or the beginning of a new era in Smash.

The Key to Victory

Sparg0 credited a switch back to his original main, Cloud, in part for his recent string of success. He had previously been playing Pyra/Mythra following the characters' arrival as DLC in early 2021. At all three events, Sparg0 would start out playing the Aegis twins before eventually switching to Cloud and finishing the tournament with him. Not only has Cloud helped lift him to the promised land, but Sparg0's play is opening up a new discussion on where the character falls on tier lists in the current meta.

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