Street Fighter 6 release date leaks via accidental PSN Store upload cover image

Street Fighter 6 release date leaks via accidental PSN Store upload

The Street Fighter 6 release date appears on the PSN Store, but what is in store for Capcom fans hungry for a new fighter?

As these things tend to do, it appears the Street Fighter 6 release date was leaked by an official PlayStation Store page upload. Caught by a user on Resetera today, the store leaks allegedly reveals a June 2, 2023 release date, along with the details of its various DLC and versions up for sale.

<em>They just... posted it.</em>
They just... posted it.

These kinds of leaks tend to happen, especially given that information for games will go up on platforms such as Steam and PSN long before their launch. However, this alludes that a major Street Fighter 6 release date announcement coming at The Game Awards 2022.

The screenshot highlights three editions, which includes:

  • The Standard Edition: 10 colors for six characters and their first outfit; Special titles and stickers.
  • A Deluxe Edition: All that comes in the standard, plus the Year 1 Character Pass
  • The Ultimate Edition: Includes all the previous, and the Year 1 Ultimate Pass

The Character Pass appears to include six fighters, though all of this is up in the air and obviously not final, given that the specifics of the sale can and could change. A Street Fighter 6 release date in June means the much anticipated fighter enters a crowded release schedule, including the equally anticipated Diablo 4.

Will Street Fighter 6 be the return to the promised land that Capcom is hoping for? The landscape of the fighting game genre is very different than what it was when Street Fighter 5 released back in early 2016. Developer Arksys dominates the genre, Riot's Project L is making moves, and Capcom fans desire a new product.

Keep your super meter full by keeping watching on for more news on Street Fighter 6 as it becomes available.