What are Assist Actions and Tag Team in Project L? cover image

What are Assist Actions and Tag Team in Project L?

The latest dev diary highlights the tag team system in Project L including some unique features in Riot’s upcoming FGC title. “Who doesn’t love a good teamfight?”

Riot Games announced its entry into FGC with Project L in 2020. The game is still under development and will take some time to release. However, the devs have provided us a peek into some of the features that will be unique in Project L. One of the new features coming to Project L will be the Tag team system. Here's all we know about Tag team and Assist actions in Project L.

What is Tag Team in Project L? What are Assist Actions?

Project L initially started out as a 1v1 game, however, the developers pivoted to a tag team-based system. 

In a tag team system, Players can compete in teams of two champions each. 

Your main champion which will call your point and your assist champion can set up some killer combos using all of our tag systems.

Project L will have several assist actions which will take the tag team system to another level. It requires a very high skill ceiling managing your tag champions and allows for some amazing combos and combo-breakers.

Assist actions

Each champion has two Assist actions which are available during the fight. Players can also hold the input to get a charge assist.

Handhsake tags

Handshake tags allows players to immediately swap between Point and Asisst champions. This is possible only if both the champions are on the screen.

In combination with the assist action, the Handhshake tag allows players to explore their skill ceiling. The combination of the two allows players to set up some exciting combo sequences that will be limited only by their individual skill.

Dynamic Shake

The final tag system is Dynamic shake - Project L’s combo breaker. Dynamic shake allows players to call their assist champion on screen to save their point champion. This can completely negate an opponents combo rendering them highly ineffective. While this sounds good, opponents can gain an upper hand if they correctly predict your Dynamic Shake move. It pays to not be too predictable.

Project L to reward aggressive playstyle

Project L will feature familiar Champions as well as new additions. Even though it was announced nearly two years ago, the game is still under development. But the devs constantly update the community with the developments in the game.

In today’s dev diary, Project L gameplay director, Shaun Rivera talks about the team;s focus on having fast and powerful abilities in Project L. Speed is one of the core features of many FGC titles and Riot Games hopes to keep a similar vibe in Project L.

Gameplay that has quick fluid movement at its core is extremely important to us. In Project L, you can walk, dash, chain dash, jump, long jump and super jump. On top of that many Champions have their own unique air abilities.

Shaun Rivera, Gameplay Director

Rivera goes on to highlight some of the core concepts behind Project L’s gameplay mechanics. While there are general mobility modes available, some champions have unique movement features as well. These air movement abilities give them an edge in mobility although the devs will focus on ensuring the game is balanced in other areas.

Project L will also have a slight reward for aggressive gameplay, ensuring players are always active on their thumbs. Fight Games are exciting to play and watch especially when there is a level of aggression and speed on both sides of the match. Riot wants to make its fighting game extremely viewer friendly as well as competitive with a high skill level.


While aggressive gameplay is rewarded, Project L will also have multiple options for defense.

We have a mix fo big clear defensive options and some nuance options that reward you for reading your opponents’ next move.

Shaun Rivera

Anticipating the opponent’s move will be rewarding in Project L with special benefits for correctly predicted moves.

Riot games is already reaching out to the grassroots community - the highlight of the FGC scene. The game developer has had several local tournament organizers reach out to discuss the future of Project L’s community aspect. In a bid to ensure more visibility for local tournament organizers, the official Riot Games account also asked TOs and communities to list their events as a reply.

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