A regularly updated list with all confirmed Project L Characters so far.

Riot Games’ Project L is one of the most anticipated games in the FGC community. The yet-to-be-named fighting game will take place in the Runeterra universe and will feature several familiar champions. It’s important to note that not all Champions from League of Legends will make their way to Project L. Champions might also have different abilities to adapt to the fighting game's style and to bring balance to Project L.

What League of Legends champions will be in Project L?

  • Ahri
  • Darius
  • Ekko
  • Jinx
  • Katarina
  • Illaoi


Ahri’s agility in Project L is one of her biggest strengths. With magical orbs to help her position herself as well as counter the enemy’s location, Ahri can easily outmaneuver her opponent and deal high damage due to her speed.

With Project L set to reward aggressive gameplay, Ahri’s playstyle might become popular once the game is released.


Riot Games has confirmed Darius will be a part of Project L. It is one of the Champions prominently featured in several gameplay footage. Wielding a big axe, the Hand of Noxus is a sight to behold. The feared and battle-hardened leader’s axe deals immense damage. The Champion does not have the same level of mobility as some other Project L champions but makes up for it with high damage output.


The time manipulator from Zaun can dash through surprising opponents and getting the upper hand in combat. Wielding a baton to deal damage, Ekko’s abilities allow him to make fast movements around the opponent and get in unopposed damage. 


One of the more explosive champions in the League of Legends universe, Jinx will be one of the more popular Champions in Project L. The Champion of Arcane fame has a minigun as well as a Zapper. These features go in line with her mayhem-causing trait. She also has a rocket launcher and it will be interesting to see how Riot Games incorporates this champion in Project L. 

Jinx is extremely lethal in close combat as well as range and provides a unique versatility not seen in other Project L Champions.


An assassin, Katarina is extremely agile and uses her fists to deal damage. Katarina also has a teleport ability that helps her reposition and provides a decent break to the fight.

After initially revealing Katarina in one of its earliest Project L videos, Riot Games has not provided any more updates on the Champion. 


Illaoi is a big-body brawler and uses her tentacles to deal maximum damage to opponents. The dark-skinned champion with fluorescent green tattoos and green eyes Illaoi is characterized by her physical prowess. She can use her tentacles to smack down opponents. 

So far these are the Champions that are confirmed or have been spotted in Riot Games’ Project L videos. We will update this article as more information becomes available. 

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