Filmmakers Legendary have acquired the rights to Street Fighter from Capcom, fueling rumours of a new Street Fighter movie.

Legendary has acquired the rights to Street Fighter from Capcom, as per a report from The Hollywood Reporter on March 3. The deal sees Capcom, creator of Street Fighter, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, and other classic game franchises, partner with Legendary, the movie studio behind Dune, the Godzilla and King King “Monsterverse,” and Jurassic World.

Capcom and Legendary will reportedly work together on future projects, potentially meaning that a new Street Fighter movie is on the horizon. However, it's very early, with the official announcement of the deal having not even been made yet.

Update: On April 5, the official Street Fighter Twitter announced that a new Street Fighter movie was indeed in the works.

A new Street Fighter movie?

Street Fighter characters (Image via Moviestore)
Street Fighter characters (Image via Moviestore)

Legendary is no stranger to video game adaptations, having been the studio behind the divisive Warcraft movie and the surprise hit Detective Pikachu. 

Similarly, Street Fighter is no stranger to the silver screen. The game’s 1994 adaptation of the same name has become a cult hit for its campy over-the-top style, and Raul Julia’s scenery-chewing performance as series villain M. Bison. 

What’s more, Street Fighter’s production became notorious with a chaotic 10-week schedule that had to be fit around Julia’s cancer treatment (the film would be his final performance), Jean-Claude Van Damme’s $10,000 a week cocaine habit, and Kylie Minogue learning martial arts on the fly. In that respect, Street Fighter is effectively the Apocalypse Now of video game adaptations, although ironically, the former was more profitable than the latter on release.

Perhaps more universally praised is Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie from the same year. This frenetic, all-action movie is perhaps a more faithful adaptation of the games. 

Street Fighter’s latest adaptation was the straight-to-DVD Legend of Chun Li, which reviewers generally agree should have remained a legend, instead of becoming reality. 

Overall, there’s good pedigree in Street Fighter-related media. With a new adaptation from Legendary, and Street Fighter 6 on the horizon, there’s potential for Street Fighter to absolutely take over pop culture, as it did for a few years in the 90’s, embedding itself once more as one of the most iconic video games of all time. 

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