Justin Wong reached a personal milestone yesterday by reaching 100,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. We pay tribute to the legend himself.

Fighting Game legend Justin Wong recently hit 100,000 subscribers on his YouTube Channel. A nine-time EVO champion, Jwong reminds us of all the good things that fighting games has brought to us over the past decade. He has also been an integral part of the launch of our website and an invaluable contributor. As a 100K Sub special, Justin Wong learned the Daigo Parry in honour of one of the greatest moments in FGC history.

Justin Wong the North American Legend

Considered one of the greatest American fighting game players of all time, Justin "Jwong" Wong has left quite the mark on the FGC in his 15+ years competing. From epic EVO finishes to a career in content, Jwong has done a bit of everything. His career started in 2001 when he won his first EVO title in MvC2. He went on to win nine titles in three games (MvC2, SF3, and UMvC3) while winning in other titles such as Killer Instinct and Street Fighter V.

In 2010, Evil Geniuses signed Wong to compete in SF4 making him the first American in the FGC signed to a professional esports organization. He would compete in various titles until retirement in late 2019.

Just Wong's transition from pro to influencer

The transition to content has been successful for Justin as he's amassed quite the following on his YouTube channel. From King of Fighters XIII trials to commentary on the professional scene, Justin has a diverse portfolio of content for everyone.

Justin has become a beloved icon in the FGC and his weekly content on YouTube is both educational and entertaining. In one video, he discusses his, "Art of the Lame" where he teaches viewers how to execute his signature style of of play. Known as a patient player, Justin's "lame" style revolves around looking for patterns to exploit and can be executed using any character.

Justin has become an FGC icon and his career continues through his varied YouTube channel and contributions to Esports.gg.