New Street Fighter 6 skins release today and now we know the price of every SF6 Costume 3 in the game. Spoilers: It’s a lot.

While 2023 has been a new golden age for fighting games, it's also a never-ending chain of expensive cosmetics. With Mortal Kombat 1 making headlines for its expensive and excessive holiday Fatalities, Street Fighter 6 wasn't going to let its main rival have all the fun. New costumes hit the servers for Capcom's premiere fighting game today. However, don't ignore the fact that the SF6 Outfit 3 price feels steep for a game released six months ago.

With over 18 new skins released we've done the math of how much virtual currency you'll have to buy if you wanted every outfit. And... uh... You might want to cover your wallet's ears.

What is the SF6 Outfit 3 price?

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The new SF6 Outfit 3 price per skin costs 300 'Fighter Coins.' However, players cannot buy any amount of the virtual currency they wish. Fighter Coins come in packs featuring these amounts:

  • 250 Fighter Coins ($5.40 USD, after tax)
  • 610 Fighter Coins ($12.98 USD, after tax)
  • 1,250 Fighter Coins ($25.97 USD, after tax)
  • 2,750 Fighter Coins ($54.11 USD, after tax)

And because we know you aren't here to do math, allow us the pleasure of calculating the cost. At 300 Fighter Coins per SF6 Outfit 3 skin, the only feasible amount of Fighter Coins to purchase per skin is the 610 bundle.

Because video game microtransactions is a machine organized by economists to get players to spend the most amount of money while still feeling like they're getting a deal, you can't just buy the exact amount of currency needed.

Gods, no. That would be too simple.

So, if you wish to buy all 18 SF6 Outfit 3 skins, the price will set you back $108.22 USD, after taxes. Yes, that is near double the amount of the actual game's price.

The price of battle

And just in case you were thinking that some way might exist to circumvent this price, think again. Straight from Capcom, the publisher says "Each Outfit 3 will be available for 300 Fighter Coins and will include all 10 available colors. Unlike Outfit 2, Outfit 3 is only available for purchase and cannot be unlocked via World Tour, hence the price discrepancy."

"Outfit 3 for all Year 1 characters – Rashid, A.K.I., Ed, and Akuma – will arrive when Akuma is released in Spring 2024."

It appears a rough economy even affects these streets of fighting.

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