UK’s Problem X upsets Punk, wins Capcom Cup X LCQ tournament cover image

UK’s Problem X upsets Punk, wins Capcom Cup X LCQ tournament

Initially not planning to compete, UK’s Problem X upset Punk to win the Capcom Cup X LCQ event and earn a chance at one million dollars.

It appears that for Victor "Punk" Woodley, beating Daigo and Tokido in one weekend wasn't enough to secure victory. Vying for the final spot in next weekend's Capcom Cup X tournament, the prosperous American went undefeated until Grand Finals of the LCQ event. It's there that he ran into a UK bulldozer in Benjamin "Problem X" Simon, who pulled out the upset with his superb Blanka play and secured a spot in Capcom Cup X proper.

Punk ran through the three day tournament undefeated, which included wins over the likes of Daigo Umehara, Tokido, and even Problem X back in Winner's Grand Final. In the end, Problem X flipped the bracket from Loser's side on perfect parries and making the most of every whiff punish possible.

Problem X heads to Capcom Cup X

The irony is that Problem X had little intentions on competing at Capcom Cup X. One of the winningest Street Fighter players to come out of Europe, he was there as support for the young upstart, EndingWalker. Instead, he now finds himself qualified for the big stage and facing a potentially weak bracket.

His success stems from impressive Blanka play all weekend. Management of Burnout and expertly timed perfect-frame parries led Problem X to corner pressure situations and big life leads throughout his Grand Finals push against Punk. This pressure forced a character switch by Punk from Cammy to Luke. But, with similar results, nonetheless. In the end, Problem X took the bracket flip 3-0 and secured his seat in Group H at Capcom Cup X.

He now faces a 52-player tournament of killers and proven winners next weekend. If he wasn't ready to compete before then Problem X certainly is now.

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