DON’T OPEN DEAD INSIDE: Capcom Cup X pools revealed cover image

DON’T OPEN DEAD INSIDE: Capcom Cup X pools revealed

RIP: Group F.

The luck of the draw isn't always fair or kind--just ask some of the best Street Fighter players in the world. With a two million dollar prize pool on the line, we now know the matchups for Capcom Cup X pools in Street Fighter 6. Revealed tonight by the publisher, the eight groups are all dangerous waters, but one especially feels cruel and unusual.

We'll run down the groups, the ones to watch, and (if you couldn't tell by just looking at them) which group in Capcom Cup X pools is the one to watch.

Capcom Cup X pools, groups A-H

In case you haven't kept up with the names to know from the world of Street Fighter, here's some help. The reigning, two-time champion MenaRD of Bandits faces a monumental uphill climb. He'll face off in round-robin play against fellow team member Caba, young British prodigy EndingWalker, and the EVO SF6 champion AngryBird.

Who did Mena tick off at Capcom, am I right?

However, Group F isn't the only room of killers when it comes to Capcom Cup X pools. Here's a list of names to watch from each group.

  • Group A
    • Joe Umerogan
    • Kawano
  • Group B
    • Nephew
    • BigBird
  • Group C
    • NuckleDu
    • Mister Crimson
  • Group D
    • Valmaster
    • Gachikun
  • Group E
    • Snake Eyez
    • Xian
    • Fuudo
  • Group F
    • ....Everyone
  • Group G
    • Rainpro
  • Group H
    • Kusanagi
    • The LCQ winner (whoever that may be)

There's nobody in this group of players that has an easy road to one million dollars for first place. Just about every group either has a former Capcom Cup champion, an EVO champion, or someone with enough known prowess to make them a household FGC name. The biggest wildcard group may be Group G, considering it's made up of somewhat unproven players and World Warrior qualifier winners.

As for our former champ-champ, he appears none too happy about the seedings.

Check back in this weekend for who takes the LCQ slot in Group H.

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